Guys I need help, please FROG SUPPORT TEAM
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My dad just informed me 20 min ago that he has T Cell Lymphoma. Rarest of all of them. He’s due in for chemo next week… I don’t want him to do it, his wife doesn’t want him to do it.

I told him I’d reach out to my people (you all) and see if we can crowd source some info fairly rapidly on alternative treatments.

Anything is appreciated. This is my dad, 57 years old. Athlete. This is my guy. I haven’t even had time to digest the news yet.

He won’t do any alternative treatments unless there is data on people who have tried it. Currently with chemo he has a 50% chance of remission.

God is great. I love my Lord and I love my dad. And I love you all, thanks in advance.

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My BiL had a somewhat treatable brain cancer but opted to go the holistic route. He passed away very quickly.

I’ve seen chemo give people a few years and wish he had tried it. With that being said I cannot ever judge anyone who decides what’s best for their health when it comes to cancer. It’s nasty business and I just want to say im very sorry

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My sister went from work to the Hosp. because she could not remember nouns, she died within a month of a 6x4 tumer on her brain. They say it was from smoking, I was crying when he said it and yelled at him "do you really think we are THAT stupid". I suggested her constant flip phone use, he said there is no evidence to prove that. Crossed Eyes