Guys I need help, please FROG SUPPORT TEAM
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My dad just informed me 20 min ago that he has T Cell Lymphoma. Rarest of all of them. He’s due in for chemo next week… I don’t want him to do it, his wife doesn’t want him to do it.

I told him I’d reach out to my people (you all) and see if we can crowd source some info fairly rapidly on alternative treatments.

Anything is appreciated. This is my dad, 57 years old. Athlete. This is my guy. I haven’t even had time to digest the news yet.

He won’t do any alternative treatments unless there is data on people who have tried it. Currently with chemo he has a 50% chance of remission.

God is great. I love my Lord and I love my dad. And I love you all, thanks in advance.

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Praying medic basically teaches people how to pray. It is very interesting because just like stress can wreak havoc on your body other suppressed emotions can do the same thing ie.. anger, resentment, sadness, unforgiveness. It could be things you may not even remember that you hang on to unwittingly. This is why God wants is to forgive and walk in his word. I would listen to a few of his different things and decide. I think mostly what it comes down to is faith, getting beyond yourself and what doctors can do and leaving it with God. He created every cell in Larrys body so he knows what is going on. Remember my friend if he can create every intricate thing in this universe and beyond imagine what he can do if we lean in on him. Im keeping you all in my prayers and praying that he will open up his mind and heart to these treatments here. God bless you!! https://prayingmedic.com/

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Yes, he helped me realize it is something in me stopping me from getting God's healing. I was healed many years ago when the Holy Spirit whooshed into me, instantly no eczema, 20/20 vision. This time I think I need to look more at my attitude and such to find out why I am stopping it.