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The Mandela effect? I believe it is a gigantic experiment using a Quantum super computer to change small details across the entire internet and see how far they can go. I think their goal is to change history. We just witnessed a couple Mandela effects: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson - they changed the official version - it now says “hit by a smooth criminal” instead of “struck by a smooth criminal”. Even worse is Britney Spears “Oops I did it again”. Remember she was wearing a black MICROPHONE on her head the entire time she sang in the red jumpsuit. The black microphone is GONE - but even worse, in the official Vivo video - no microphone, and if you watch closely, there are mistakes in the digitizing and her head looks fake and plopped on and totally wrong!!!! This is going too far, and I am positive at least some of this is HUMAN created via a super computer (as opposed to supernatural).