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I took my one year old grandson in (helping out my daughter) for a checkup on his RSV that’s he’s had for 2 weeks, as he had fluid in his lungs last week. (He’s doing great now BTW). The doctor questioned where he could have possibly picked it up. We ran through some possibilities and eventually started talking about covid. He (the doctor) and his wife both just got over their 5th bout of covid.. this one being the worst. He couldn’t eat for 5 days and needed steroids for his cough. Then he tells me “to top it all off I’ve had 3 covid shots!”. Then I say (as a very non confrontational type, but totally dumbfounded by his ignorance)… “well, I think you need to stop taking those shots, doc. They’re obviously not doing you any good.” He says, “I did turn down the fourth”.

My question is, how can someone so brilliant enough to become a doctor be so stupid? Sadly, I predict he’ll be dead in 5 years. Crazy.