I know that we are supposed to use zinc, vitamin C, D3, and quercetin, but has anyone got a suggestion as an alternative for NAC? I found out the hard way that my body does not like it, but want to keep up my immune system.

Also, I haven’t started quercetin but was wondering if there are any drug interactions (my doctor would have no idea)?

Thanks for your help!

Could we have concise rules on how to conduct impeachment trials that are easily understood by everyone (regardless of education)?  More importantly, it should be in a text form that is easily accessible and affordable to all citizens.  The purpose of this is so that we won't hear for weeks or years that the Dems (and Republicans like McConnell) have proven their case and President Trump is guilty. This text should be out in a reasonable time so that future Senate trials will not be a kangaroo court.

I would like this to happen, but as they shredded the Constitution this week, I am guessing that they have no real rules except the ones they pulled out of the air.