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His son was murdered in 1997... see my comment in this thread

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I think you're on to something. Bill Cosby was about to come out with another sitcom before all of this stuff hit the fan. In my opinion, the only reason everything against him came out is because he wouldn't cooperate with their agenda regarding the content of his new show.

They've known that this would be the time in history that they would try to regain control of the world. In preparation, they selected black public figures in the 80's that they could groom and make trusted voices in the black community and would then turn on the black community and the world when needed. Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, and others including various sports figures.

They started having problems with Cosby in the 90's when he constantly voiced his opinions against gangsta rap and the degradation and dumbing down of the black community. Cosby is a man who cares deeply about uplifting the black community. I don't ever remember hearing about his being into underage girls, so he may hold resentment for those in Hollywood who do hurt children. And, if I'm right about him being punished for not playing the game and towing the line... he has plenty of reasons to want to blow the whistle.

Edit: I just remembered that Cosby has a son who was murdered in 1997:

In January 1997, Ennis Cosby was in Los Angeles during the winter break from his classes at Columbia University. In the early hours of January 16, after visiting friends in the city, he was driving north on Interstate 405 through the Sepulveda Pass. At approximately 1 a.m. PST, he pulled off the freeway onto Skirball Center Drive to fix a flat tire of his dark green Mercedes Benz. He called his girlfriend, Stephanie Crane, who drove to meet him; she parked behind him to light the area with her headlights, while Cosby changed the tire.[10]

She later testified that a man came to her window and said, "Open the door or I'll harm you." Frightened, Crane drove away. After moving approximately 50 feet (15 m) away, she heard a gunshot and immediately drove back to Cosby's location.[11] She saw a man running away and discovered Cosby lying on the ground, by the driver's side of his vehicle, lying in a pool of blood.[12] He had been shot in the head.[1] Although it appeared that robbery was a motive, Cosby was still wearing a Rolex watch and had $60 in his pocket.[8]

The Los Angeles Police Department contacted Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was a close friend of Bill Cosby, to request his phone number. Waters declined their request, but asked another close friend of the comedian, Essence magazine publisher Ed Lewis, to inform him of his son's death. However, the police contacted the CBS studio producing his new series, Cosby, which was being filmed in New York, at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens. Cosby was on set when producer Joanne Curley-Kerner informed him of the death of his son. Afterwards, Los Angeles police spoke with him and discouraged him from flying to Los Angeles.[13][8]