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I have a family emergency and will be traveling cross country for the next week-ish. I will be unable to post the secret windows during this time (approx. 11/16 - 11/27).

If any of you post and/or save the images, please send your links and I will update my chronological list when I return.

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I'm seeing multiple reports of RINOs slithering from their holes today, especially with the new 'DUMP TRUMP' campaign.

Well, there is a silver lining to this new development. We all know the dems intend to undermine our country. Now the outright betrayal by the RINOs will publicly mark them with a scarlet letter of shame for even the most normiest of normies to see.

Any RINO who pushes this narrative needs to be run out of office on a rail. Some potential ways to do that:

  1. Flood social media with memes and facts! Undermine their narrative before it gains a foothold.

  2. Use their surety bond to hold them accountable.

  3. Recall them.

  4. Support MAGA candidates who challenge them for nominations.

  5. Confront them publicly anywhere they appear.

  6. Mount legal challenges.

  7. Please add any other ways in the comments, warriors!!!

Frankly, I HOPE the RINOs are stupid enough to start pushing this. They will be painting a yuuuuuuge target on their backs. Time to clean up the Grand Old Party.


I'll bet that title got your attention. Bear with me...

At this point in the fight, I know most (if not all) of us have suffered strong backlash from those who cannot or will not see what is truly going on in this world. We call these deluded ones sheep, normies, NPCs, or sometimes just plain stupid.

It's difficult to muster up compassion or empathy for those who seem to willfully choose slavery and comfort over freedom and risk. Sometimes the negative reactions and consequences don't seem worth the effort to continually return to the well of self-flagellation when we get nothing but grief for our troubles.

So why bother?!

Here's why. Every single person we rescue from evil's clutches becomes a being of freedom and righteousness, and often they become the most effective warriors for spreading light and love. Who better to convince the seemingly lost of their own enslavement than former slaves?

So how do we prove Q wrong?

Estimated 4-6% we consider ‘hopeless' and forever brainwashed. #337 (12/13/2017)

4-6% LOST FOREVER. #529 (01/13/2018)

4-6% [brainwashed] will never wake up even when presented w/ FACTS. #3029 (03/11/2019)

Between Q's proddings, our own stubbornness, and the honorable service of our meme warriors, we've proven how effective coordinated white hat information warfare is. In the final stages of this battle for good over evil (for that is truly what this is), we know the cabal will lash out with everything they have and we will rise to meet them.

WIN-WIN: Even if we fail to breach the 4-6% of hopeless cases, every single person saved is a victory! No good being left behind.

Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to get well below the oft-mentioned 4-6%. And I hope you will all join me. Honestly, do you think Q would mind if we prove these particular numbers wrong? I'll bet not.





NOTE: I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But it's sometimes easy to get swept into the emotions of the moment and taken in by grifters and sleepers. If this gets even one fren to step back and remain discerning when evaluating friend vs. foe, then it's worth posting.

STEP 1: Shine a bright light.

Yesterday's FBI raid on President Trump's private residence has perhaps done more to expose the machinations of the deep state than any other transgression to date. It has rattled otherwise unaware citizens to the point of awakening.

STEP 2: Watch the cockroaches scatter.

As the blowback intensifies, many RINOs and deep state operatives see the writing on the wall. Suddenly we are seeing traitors to our country speaking out against this latest happening, most likely in the hopes of painting themselves in a better light (eg Mike Pence, Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Yang, et al).

STEP 3: Rid ourselves of the infestation.

Do not be fooled! Look at the totality of each person's ACTIONS and words. What do they actually do? How does that differ from what they say? Who are they beholden to? Who funds them? How do they benefit if Trump falls? What consequences do they suffer if he succeeds? Use these litmus tests to determine who needs to be thrown out of office & who needs to answer with the most severe legal penalties possible.


We are seeing turncoats scatter like cockroaches in order to avoid the bright light of exposure. Do not fall for their flowery words, grand gestures, or political theater! Their allegiances have not changed. They are simply hiding in the cracks until they can emerge safely again.


Until the fraud of 2020 is rectified & until the treasonous actors (foreign and domestic) who perpetrated the fraud of 2020 are brought to justice, then nothing else matters.

Simple as that.


Greetings anons of all stripes,

As things heat up in the coming days, we will all be scrambling for intel to feel connected and up to speed. Sometimes that means we will grasp onto any and all comms that come out, especially if they feed our need for hope. I include myself in that lot.

Please keep in mind that when the battles rage, exposing immediate 'on the ground' movements and tactics would weaken our position, especially as standing resources are brought online. That means you will most likely see misdirection and disinformation flying at this time. This is very basic war strategy.

Also, the deep state will absolutely take advantage of this fluid situation to spread doubt and undermine our support. Be aware of this and deal with suspect information accordingly.

Happily, we have much guidance to rely on in the form of Q drops and reliable, confirmed research. We have a very good idea of what will happen and the who and the why, but the when and the where are still cloaked - as they should be to protect mission integrity.

Keep the faith, anons. From all indicators, things are progressing as predicted. The deep state will fight back, as we knew they would, but President Trump and his team have prepared for that.

We are on the cusp of a great awakening, and it will be glorious.



I know the doomers and shills seem to have the upper hand over there right now, but please don't give up on that bastion of freedom lovers just yet!

Ask yourself how likely it really is that so many would turn their backs on President Trump en masse, no matter what setbacks may have occured.

Now ask yourself how likely it really is that there is a concerted and coordinated effort to undermine a site that has been at the forefront of the MAGA movement.

We've seen the deep state do this over and over again. It's not a new tactic. Don't fall for it!

Instead, go there and state your case for why this isn't over. Support Trump whenever possible in the posts. Call out the doomers and shills when they twist facts or misrepresent actions. Ignore the trolls who will try to drag you into contentious discussions, but don't cower from them.

Those who have been in this fight for awhile knew things would get tense in these final days. Those that are new to the fight need our reassurance. And those that wish to undermine us will ALWAYS use our doubts against us.

So please don't give up on TheDonald.win!