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I guess only time will tell. Will see how they actually enforce this and what they censor.

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Yep. But the fact that it was 2018 doesn't negate the point that this happens. And unless we have exhaustive investigations then how do we know to what scale it happens?

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Looking more and more that the Democrats weren’t just hoping for an insurrection to blame on Trump, but they were ACTIVELY setting the stage for it to happen

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Agree with the headline here but the pope article wasn't enVolve's fault. That article was just reporting on an interview conducted by the The Daily Express: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1373375/pope-francis-resigns-christmas-vatican-benedict-christian-jesus-christ-midnight-mass-spt

For the last several months we were told by Q, Gen Flynn, etc that Trump has a plan and he was guaranteed to serve a second term. It didn't come true, so are we going to blame all of the websites that reported on it?

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So the CDC wants us to dress like bank robbers. I guess they govt has been robbing us for years so they are giving us our turn?