Trump is not stupid. He knows we do not support the Vax. So why draw attention to it last night?

Where did he choose to hold this rally?

Cullman Alabama. CULL. MAN.

Other than his "everything woke turns to shit" statement, the only thing that will be remembered from last night is us booing the vaccine. In fact, the media will probably drone on and on about that moment for weeks to come.

He purposefully drew attention to the vaccine, in a place named CULLMAN.

Ya'll seein what I'm seein here?


It went black for me about 15 minutes ago. I've tried several different browsers, and all of them fail to load video.

I also can't find RSBN's stream on youtube (no surprise...)

Are they still up on Rumble?

EDIT: I figured it out, guys! They are replaying the day starting over from 9AM, and I just witnessed the feed being messed with. I read about this happening earlier tonight and just got to experience it lol.

If I recall, a planefag pointed out earlier that the interference cleared up around the same time several Electronic Warfare craft showed up in the sky around Sioux Falls. I'll link to that post if I can find it.

EDIT 2: FOUND IT! https://greatawakening.win/p/12jvu8FuhY/-cyber-symposium-plane-fag-post-/c/