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That is a very thoughtful and analytic post. Thank you.

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Nazis were "anti-traditional-Christianity". They were into all the pre-Christian Aryan/Teutonic stuff.

They didn't have right-wing cultural values at all: their cultural values were leftist in that period of time, as themselves as men had been very influenced by the decadent Weimar Republic before them. But they slapped an Aryan/Teutonic vaneer over it all.

And they were not universally anti-gay. They didn't like effeminacy, which they associated with Weimar. But they were all into that masculine type of homosexuality and homoeroticism from their love of militaristic things. Very much like the Spartans in that way.

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Where, oh where, did all the anti-Corporate "Adbusters" and "Occupy Wall Street" types go? They were all about lobbying against GMOs and genetically engineered tomatoes 20-something years ago. Now, on this subject, absolutely nothing.

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... The smartphone provided the foundation for filling that first requirement for controlling thought; that is, most of the populating defaulting to a single medium for almost all of its information, education, news, socialization, communication, and entertainment. ...

This is a very important point.

That's why there originally were anti-monopoly laws for the media. You can't have only one source of information and expect it to be fair and unbiased.

ALL sources of information are biased, in one way or the other, so you have to read widely and compensate for the axes the various sources are grinding.

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Nothing the security-industrial complex brings in EVER goes away.

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He can dress like a grown-up, like everyone else.

Enough with the "special snowflake" stuff.

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Very interesting story--thanks.

The ordinary rank-and-file "grunts" were not back then, and are not today, the part of any controlled and organized evil beyond that of ordinary human nature and frailty (e.g. prejudices, cruelty, selfishness that we all share with our fallen nature).

The ordinary soldiers back then were not controlling or directing elements in the evils of either Naziism or Communism. They were tools, more or less successfully brainwashed, but tools nonetheless, of the controlling Cabal narrative. Frankly, and today's lower-ranking soldiers are in the same boat.

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From a UK account, no less.

Maybe the dam is breaking and all the piled-up Liberal scandals are going to come crawling out from under the rug and finally bite them in the ass.

(Ok, that's at least three metaphors being mixed there, but you know what I mean).

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You're welcome!

My adult children--to my extreme disappointment--are jabbed. Stuff like this really matters to me on a personal level.

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Awesome! Thank you for posting.

A couple of things look promising, but (unsurprisingly, and understood) that "more trials are needed".

For those too lazy to click:


The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a long-lasting foreign pathogenic protein found in cells and tissues after COVID-19 respiratory illness and COVID-19 vaccination. The spike protein incites an inflammatory response and is a potent activator of nuclear factor kappa light chain enhancer of activated B cells (NF-κB). It can adversely impact any of the vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys, by inducing a severe autoimmune attack. The spike protein has been described as the causative factor for cardiovascular complications leading to increased mortality following mRNA injections. It can cause a cytokine storm that characterizes many cases of fatal COVID-19 respiratory illness. Additionally, it drives sustained inflammation in long COVID and vaccine injury syndromes in multiple tissues and organs and also by crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB), where protective antibodies cannot act, thereby causing severe neuroinflammation through microglial activation and NFκB. It is therefore of utmost importance to repurpose drugs and introduce natural agents, in order to provide nontoxic therapies for spike protein injury syndromes, after COVID-19 illness, vaccination, and both exposures in combination. The systemic use of proteolytic naturally derived enzymes becomes of medical interest and could offer a safe and efficacious solution for the alleviation of both spike-protein-associated symptomatology and pathology.

(Emphasis mine)

Promising avenues examined:

  • Nattokinase (NK): potential allergen, and not very focussed on spike protein ("NK’s proteolytic activity is not specific for the spike protein and can also degrade other essential proteins of the human organism"). Can buy this from health food stores in my area, but expensive.

  • Alkaline Serine Protease (ASPNJ): "greater sensitivity to its spike protein", "this serine protease digested both the full-length spike protein as well as the S1 subunit and the RBD of the SARS-CoV-2 variants", "anticoagulant properties", but very new and "relevant clinical studies are urgently needed to establish further the safety and efficacy".

  • Fibrinolytic and Caseinolytic Serratiopeptidase (SEPD) (hats off to you if you can pronounce that puppy!): "several well-established clinical applications, including through its anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic, mucolytic, and other properties", promising but not proven ("can prove important in counteracting the mRNA injection sequelae...remains to be experimentally proved by clinical studies").


"Human clinical trials on NK and ASPNJ, alone, together, and in combination with SEPD, are urgently needed."

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Yes, and pretty much 100% of the mafia are Catholic.

Don't make the logical mistake of extrapolating where it is not warranted:

  • politburo is evil
  • 57% of politburo members are Jewish
  • therefore 57% of Jews are evil

This reasoning is not logical.

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Jesus's actual birthday was 9/11 in 3 BC.

I'm somewhat leary of going against what Christians have traditionally done.

First--it's symbolic for the "Light of the World" to be born at the darkest time of the year in late December. Middle of September is like, so what?

Second--and a much stronger argument IMHO--is that has been the tradition of the Church to start the new calendar "in the year of our Lord" starting at 1 AD (there is no "year zero").

And where did that tradition come from?

Well, His mother certainly knew when He was born. And she lived with St. John the Apostle after the Crucifixion for some decades, until the end of her earthly life. She was around when St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. Luke were writing. She would have been a most honoured guest whenever the Apostles got together. She was there when the early Church was being established.

So, if traditionally Christians have celebrated Jesus's birth at the darkest time of the year in the year 1 AD, I'm good with that.

The trees / Santa / stockings stuff is barely 100 years old and can be entirely ignored. Christmas, like Easter, is a religious holiday.

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There are four people who do the job of presiding in the house. The main Speaker was Rota. There is a Deputy Speaker and two Assistant Deputy Speakers as well. https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en/chair-occupants

From the pic, it looks like this was the Deputy Speaker.

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Not so far fetched. WEF is leftist and overcontrolling. So are Nazis. Nazi ideas were in the mainstream of leftist-progressive thought for the early 20th century. https://jonjayray.tripod.com/hitler.html

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And before anyone says “Nazis we’re Right-wing!”, this is revisionist history. The Nazis were quite literally Socialists. Their name was literally “The National Socialist Worker’s Party”.


The Nazi ideas, eugenics and all, was commonplace for the leftists of the time time. https://jonjayray.tripod.com/hitler.html

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Some Jews were involved with the bolshevik revolution. But then, the mafia are heavily Catholic too, but it says nothing about Catholicism as a whole or any individual Catholic.

The Orthodox are a small fraction of the Jewish population but they the ones having children and, as Mark Steyn says, "the future belongs to those who show up for it." Over the next decades, Judaism on average will become markedly more conservative and more religious.

Judaism was hit hard by the "rationalist" spirit in the 1800s stemming from the so-called Enlightenment. The same movement that gave Christianity the modernist biblical criticism that says Jesus never resurrected physically (just in the "hearts of believers"), that the four evangelists were mythological or were names of "communties" and the New Testament was written "several hundred years" after the purported events.

Anyway, that Enlightenment rationalism de-spiritualized much of Judaism as well, so that the most liberal and secular of them no longer look to God at all, but at themselves and to politics for "salvation", with religion stripped of nothing other than "do-good-ism" and social justice ("Tikkun Olam") and really big parties for your bar mitzvah.

But it also spawned the Hasidim, who look kinda like the Amish in dress but who take the religious part of the religion seriously and are not entirely unlike the Christian Charismatics in style of worship. There are several sub-denominations amongst the Hasidim of which Chabad-Lubavitch are probably the most well known. The Chabad movement tries to bring "fallen-away Jews" back to the actual practice of the religion. So, not only are the more conservative elements of Judaism outbreeding the left elements, they are also converting their more liberal brethren back to their roots.

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“Religious churches and things scare people, they make you uncomfortable and they pull a different reaction, but it’s nothing you don’t see in a scary movie, video games or a haunted house.”

Dude, "religious churches and things" do not scare NORMAL people. If they "make you uncomfortable" the reaction is a sign of something wrong within YOU.

This fellow may well be demonically oppressed; if so, we should pray for his speedy deliverance.

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She just seemed like someone saying "no matter how rich and famous you are, money can't buy happiness". Which is not exactly earthshaking news.

On the other hand, Ivana herself said she had "a perfect life" so maybe it wasn't sad and lonely at all.

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