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a fence-sitting associate with whom I've only interacted over a shared interest randomly asked for my thoughts on the Michigan ruling today and we actually had an honest exchange of concerns, I was pleasantly surprised at where we left off. here's some ideas that seemed to make the most progress:

when dispensing the fruit of your research (acknowledged as work-in-progress,) just talk like the listener is not a native-English speaker and they have to feed what you say back and forth through a translation engine (use "wooden" phrasing with generic yet unambiguous references, etc.) and paraphrase the obvious truths in ways that carefully avoid using buzzwords or verbatim quotes of that great meme you thought would get through but never did.. you're sort of "noclipping" through the tough subjects and associated barriers of emotional charge (example: instead of saying Trump, just talk about "the injured party".)

if they send you a news article, find the official record and pass them the link, they'll probably recognize instinctively that it's a superior source and it subtly distances them from the MSM narrative. in this instance it was the Genetski v. Benson, No. 20-216-MM in the Court of Claims for the State of Michigan case file: https://www.scribd.com/document/498855479/Genetski-v-Benson-No-20-216-MM-in-the-Court-of-Claims-for-the-State-of-Michigan

toss in some of your own questions but keep bringing it back to what they say, ex: that politicians will use emergencies to grant themselves authority to suspend laws where politically expedient which seems to be the case here, and oh by the way who had the authority to stop counting early in this and other states all in coordination? (no answer needed...) etc.

try to get them into a subconscious pattern-recognition mode long after the conversation ends by setting some context but only hinting at the implications. for instance, reminding them that all of the cases were thrown out before evidence was even considered, and this Michigan case may be the first of many surfacing after the drunken party that was 2020 fades from memory and the hangover and regret for less-than-sober decisions dawns on them.

basically all the normal conversation stuff we used to take for granted, just playing certain cards very close to the chest. it's slow going, but we are NOT losing progress! hope this helps