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an event happened on Temple Mount 4 days ago

An Israeli citizen was arrested near Jerusalem's Old City on Sunday morning after attempting to bring a sheep to the Temple Mount as a sacrifice.

The suspect is a religious activist of the Chozrim L'Har movement, which advocates against the "abandonment of the Temple Mount into foreign hands."

The man was detained by law enforcement officials after being located en route to the Mount.

Following the suspect's arrest, the Chozrim L'Har movement warned that "there is no more room for Muslim rule on the Temple Mount."

Religious org.: Sacrifices will return to Mount, Third Temple will be built The organization vowed that sacrifices would resume soon and the Third Temple would be built on the Temple Mount.

"It is time to build a third Jewish Temple and renew sacrifices," the religious organization said. "Dear government and Arabs, you are messing with the wrong generation," it further warned.


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There have been 2968 new cases of Covid-19 reported in New Zealand over the past week, and 14 further deaths attributed to the virus.

Of the new cases, 1314 were reinfections.


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2Ch 16:9  For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.

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because they trust "the science" without verifying and questioning

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Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You to petition You again for righteous government at every level in America. Hinder, confuse, expose, and remove every wicked and evil politician in America, in Jesus’ name.


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so all these are intentional or unintentional? side-effects?

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Indian Vax doesn't contain mRNA. And the local doctor told me (I was telling him that I was anti-vax and he was debating with me :-) ) that Indian vax was made of dead viruses and foreign ones weren't so. He was trying to convince me why Indian vax was safe and saying that people like me were making things worse.

Most of the poor people (lower middle class and below) have taken the free Indian vax from the govt.

And so-called upper middle class, educated have taken the "imported" (meaning Big Pharma) vax and they are the most who are rolling under.

I am beginning to see local FB posts discussing death jabs and people are waking up slowly. Also, to my surprise, many have not taken the death jabs or beginning to be suspicious and saying no to the second one.

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Turmeric Curcumin - can be used for external wounds also.

Ginger - Ginger contains over 400 natural compounds, and some of these are anti-inflammatory. contains antioxidants,

Garlic - a powerful antibiotic, prevents cancer, and heart protection. decreases frequency of common cold

Black pepper - Digestion and Intestinal Health, Immune support.

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Done! thank you. I usually do not hide URLs, but it was too long, so I thought it would be easy to read. u/289m

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"in the world, but not of the world"

Walking away is easy, rescuing others is what we should not ignore.

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It's easy now for Deep State with the current level of corruption here.

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