Obviously the market is totally rigged, specifically the index funds being propped up by the fed. With that being said, there is no doubt that a rate hike will be announced by the fed at 2 pm est. I don't buy for a second that the markets have already priced in a 75-100 basis point rate hike. How in the world are the major indexes currently positive for the day? Who keeps pouring money in? What will happen when the habitual printing of endless money end? Bottom line, and this isn't investment advice, own hard assets. Gold, silver, land, etc. Between BRICS nations moving to a basket backed currency and the Saudi's starting to accept other currencies for oil, outside of the US dollar, our economic times of "prosperity" (compared to most of the world) are going to come crashing down. I know we've heard it a million times, but now is the time to prepare.


Apparently, biden is going to announce abortions will now be performed at all VA's. Total bull shit. I hope vets everywhere rage.


Second time. First time was well over a ear ago. Obviously not vaxxed. The big difference? I was ready. Tested positive yesterday but felt it coming on sometime Friday. Ivermectin with the Zstack. Added in a couple or my own remedies. Outside of a small cough, super runny nose, and brain fog, I'm all good. The ivermectin and quercetin seem to be the knockout that's needed.


I live near an air base and I was in the AF reserve until last week (Vax bs). Anyways, I used to fly missions pretty regularly and know what goes in and out of the air base near where I live. Today, I noticed at least 20 different formations of f-16s and f-35s, all of which are stationed at other bases near by. Never have I seen that many flying around a once. Some of the formations I saw I'm sure were repeats, but it was still bizarre. This evening I noticed 3 different formations of C-130s flying overhead. Definitely an oddity, as they aren't native to the base I was at. Anyone else noticing increased amounts of mil planes flying?


I've been balls deep into everything going on for the past two years. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit on GAW, but I feel like it's taking a huge toll on my mental health and my general well being. For those of you who have taken a break, how long did you take a break from it all for and what were the results? Recharged? Nothing?


The story keeps changing. Did the border patrol agent kill him or is he in custody. Mainstream media can't make up their mind.


I work at a hospital, but ive noticed a trend with employees who have received three or even four vaccines. They are constantly getting sick. Literally all the time. They arent out for a day or two, it's typically a week. Some of these people are under the age of 30 and seem to be out once a month for multiple days with flu like symptoms that they can't beat off. I have personally spoken with multiple patients who have had severely low white blood cell counts and dangerously low hemoglobin, all requiring multiple blood transfusions, and the blood counts going back down after, after they received their covid vaccines. I really do believe this hits mainstream in the not so distant future. More and more people are discovering their life long side effects.


I felt over the past couple days that my sinuses were bothering me. Could be the spring time and my terrible allergies... or a sinus infection, something that I get probably twice a year. I woke up this morning feeling terrible. Made it to work, but was semi-functioning. I searched ivermectin and sinus infections, and too my surprise (not really), it's been found to he an effective treatment. I dosed out the IVM and supplemented it with Zinc, A,C,D, and a slew of other supps around 1 pm. Currently, I feel 10x better and have no headache, way less congestion, fewer body aches, and no fever. What else can ivermectin cure that we aren't being told about? Truly seems like a wonder drug. I'd reccomend everyone keep some on hand!


Hadn't been to my LCS in nearly a year due to their odd hours and my work schedule. Bought online through JM bullion instead. Had the chance to go in today. I know the owner and his family fairly well. Asked about business and they said it had exploded over the past month. They were stocked well with gold and platinum, not so much with silver. Premiums were better than what I was paying online for maples. Scooped up what they had left. They mentioned people have come in to buy 50 plus ounces of gold and 1000 plus ounces of silver at a time, which they can't meet verse their supply. They said that people have admitted to hedging against frozen bank accounts and bank runs. Normies see it too. Its coming. Prepare.


It's coming here at some point or another. Hedge against the tyrants. Cash, precious metals, cryptos in your own wallet, specifically tether, btc, eth, ltc. If accounts are frozen, we are getting close. Even more people will wake up. Prepare now.


What time table do you fast and why? I am contemplating running a 16/8 fast, so 16 hours of not consuming any calories and 8 hours of consuming calories (from 10 am until 6 pm). Any tips or why I should try a different type of fasting approach? Thanks ahead of time for any words of wisdom.


Maybe it's been talked about before, I'm sure it has, but it seems that neocov is catching a lot of attention. A combination of Mers and Sars.... come tf on. If its legit, it's 1000% biologically engineered. I guess this will be the next move, since war with Russia isn't looking likely and alien invasion just isn't believable. Kills 1/3? Sounds like it could be a cover for Vax deaths, but who knows.


Covidtests.gov is up an running for free covid tests. Not that I give two shits, but I want to know what's on the swabs. Does anyone have high powered microscopes that could test the swabs or determine the EO levels?


I work at a hospital. Stupid amount of employees out with Covid. Almost all vaccinated (99%). 6 out of 8 in my office have gotten covid for at least the second time in the past two weeks after being boosted. The other two? Me and my subordinate who aren't vaxxed. We submit to weekly testing (yea, we're feds) and out of nearly 300 unvaxxed employees, 3 have tested positive for covid in over 3 months. Pure insanity. I hope people are waking up, I really do.

At my hospital... 💊 RED PILL 💊
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I work for a VA hospital. Privy to higher up information. Literally every hospital has triple digit employees out with covid, obviously the vast majority (90%) are vaccinated, while actual veterans coming in (much lower vaccination rate) is pretty low and most are sent home. I truly believe the dark winter, that's only going to get worse, will be one for the vaccinated, especially those who have gotten a booster. We aren't overcrowded, but at the same time, we are greatly understaffed. I wonder when the medical staff are going to wake up. A majority are still part of big pharmas flock.


Prefty quick crumble the past two days.. I wonder if we continue to see a further drop or if this was a chance for the elites to make a buck of paperhands selling. On the flipside, could be the elites getting out because they know something is about to happen. What is everyone else's input?


Silver is STUPID low right now. Not a bad idea to pick up some physical. I use JM bullion, which I'll link at the bottom. Never had any issues and I get best pricing because I'm a veteran. SB billion is solid too. Check out a local coin shop if you can. I stick with 1 oz rounds or minted coins. American eagles are a shit pick up right now with their premium. I go with British or Canadian coins (fuck them), but the premiums are low and the coins are nice. Stack up while you can, it's dirt cheap.



Denied. Along with the rest of them. LOL knew this was coming.


Spoke with a high ranking military official today. It's going to be a dark winter. I couldn't contain my excitement by the end. Good guys are in control.

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