I keep reading and hearing from all news sources that Pharma companies are protected legally under EUA. This is true to an extent, assuming these companies were being truthful, transparent, and ethical to the proper authorities, populations, governments and end users (patients) AND not engaging in criminal activities.

Put simply, they were not. We will find out about their criminal activities to include suppression of clinical data, manipulation of said data, blackmail, censorship, and stripping the long held belief of peer review, long term safety trials, Hippocratic Oath and so much more.

Any lawyer or lawyers worth their legal weight can take these criminals on once the truth is revealed.

Legal protection against Crimes Against Humanity is where their house of legal protection falls to the ground.

Have faith, Pray, Military will be the only way in the end.

Their end in near.


Most if not all the movie we are watching has already been filmed. Just a friendly reminder that when we see the likes of Tom Hanks come to resuscitate BidAn's presidency it was filmed long ago. This has been planned for decades.

The cast and the script have been selected and written some time ago, the Directors (white hats) have the floor.

Enjoy the movie!



This post I believe is very important, double meanings, and the significance of the number itself, 17.

Mentions Marines in relation to POTUS. We all should know by now the POTUS has/can have, direct control of the Marines w/o congressional oversight (War Powers Act later allowed POTUS to use other branches).

Why the Marines specifically? Marines can be used for “other duties as the President may direct,” according to the 1834 Marine Corps Law. The Commandant of the Marine Corps answers only to POTUS. This is important, no leaks, clean and swift. Marines cover all areas of combat to include special forces.

Also from this post, MI, more powerful than all 3 letter agency's, will be used to bypass courts to prosecute bad actors (Martial Law - Red Folder Jan 6 - Trump waiving)

Now, the final part is our double meaning.

ASF is not mentioned in ANY OTHER post from Q, why? Significant? YES

Remember, this was posted Oct 31 2017, 2 years before Covid19.

Who, or What is ASF? Anthony Stephen Fauci

'5 prong' ? Moderna 2 jabs, Pfizer 2 jabs, J&J 1 jab: 2+2+1= 5

'One post (jab?) auto generates four more at random designated times'???

Happy Hunting




Given everything we know about the DS/Cabal, when news pops up surrounding one of their criminal acts, it isn't the first time they have tried this (9/11, FISA, Regime changes, CIA, FBI, Espionage, the list goes on and on).

Wuhan should be no different. There are absolutely other labs out there, which leaves us many more questions than answers.

When the News tells us this lab was not seized by rioters, red flags should immediately go up.


A good read on Russia's Interests is Kazakhstan.



The Arizona Audit in my opinion served several purposes. It was meant to certainly show fraud and expose how corruptible our election systems are. It was also a warning to other States, other institutions. It was never going to flip an election ( 1 county?).

The Maricopa Audit was a white hat maneuver to poke the Deep State bee hive. This sent other States into a frenzy to cover their tracks, turn on each other, resign and more. All of this being watched by the white hats. We are now seeing the fruits of the Maricopa Audit in Georgia, and other States will follow.

The military knows where the fraud occurred, they have it all. The DS isn't just panicking, they are singing. Their strings are cut, they have no money, all that is left is survival.

Rats instinctively know when to jump off a sinking ship. Why? They are the first to experience the water coming through the hull. They understand the ship better than anyone. Humans are no different, more importantly, the corrupt players understand their corruption better than anyone. They are feeling the PAIN.

The military can at anytime show the American people the fraud, but that is not what this Awakening is about. The people must see the fraud and corruption first hand from those that committed it. There is a reason why there are so many sealed indictments, (1) the military already knows their crimes (2) These people still have more crimes to commit. This is why we don't see mass numbers swinging from the gallows (yet), they still are committing CRIMES.

The Swamp runs Deep. Globally-->Nationally-->Countries-->States-->Counties-->Cities-->Municipalities-->School Boards. All three letter agencies. That is just the government. Imagine the Medical community (Covid19), private corporations, religious institutions, and so on. EVERYTHING is corrupted, EVERYTHING.

Draining the Swamp wasn't just about DC, it was for everything that is corrupted.

I feel we are getting close.




Keep It Simple Stupid - KISS (we are not stupid, we are just impatient, myself included)

When events do not turn out the way we anticipate... this means the white hats are still working on the problem, 'moves countermoves'. Traps are still being set and the DS still have moves left to be exhausted.

When events appear to go our way... white hats are gaining ground/objectives complete/people waking up/retirements/arrests/indictments/ and so much more.

This Deep State is Global. We cannot fix America until we fix the World.

If the DS was in full control, would things really be so ridiculous? This is by design, we are watching a movie.

Keep your faith in God and our Military... remember, 'Military is the only way', globally.

In your heart you know we are winning, to many coincidences (Q).



God Bless you all, Molon Labe.



What if Covid19 never actually existed?

Lets back up.

In order to depopulate through vaccination (one way) you need to unleash a virus, create hysteria and fear, and create a vaccine to protect you against said virus. In these series of steps you can implement all sorts of restrictions, quarantines, mandates, et all.

But, wouldn't it be easier to bypass the creation of a virus and go right to vaccination (the real killer)?

How do you do this?


Identify a virus, that you could piggy back off of... enter the common flu.

The initial story is that Covid19 is a product of gain of function research, a weaponized virus, unleashed on the masses. If this was the case, why even have a need for mass vaccination, let the virus rip through the human population and clean up the mess afterwards. No one would be the wiser. The problem here is that no such virus (influenza specific), even manipulated, has ever been able to produce these results. Viruses by nature, over time become less deadly (herd immunity). This is basic virology 101.

Covid19 (if it even exists) clearly was not a deadly virus, when we look strictly at mortality (the real numbers).

Back to the flu. The flu was the cover for Covid19 and the PCR tests was its way to enter the narrative and open the door. PCR tests were designed to cleave off flu cases and designate them as Covid19.

Not to mention, for the first time in human history we were testing asymptomatic people, essentially creating more false positives and more hysteria and .... more Covid19 cases that were actually flu, or even the common cold.

We need to only look at flu cases for 2020, almost non existent, they were conveniently identified as Covid19 cases.

PCR tests were said to be faulty. They were not faulty, they did exactly what they were designed to do! Make flu cases look like Covid19!

Back to depopulation through vaccination. Now we have mRNA technology (posing as vaccines) being jabbed into the masses at light speed. These mRNA jabs are the real killer (think boosters). Over time those that have taken these jabs will die a slow death (some will be fast, cardiac issues) over several years. Their deaths will never be attributed to the mRNA jabs. Never.

Of course... we know better, and so do the white hats.

I work in the medical field, my background is extensive in a litany of disease states, to include Immunology. I saw this treachery very early on. I have no voice, because no one listens. I will lose my job in January because I refuse to get these mRNA jabs (Not Traditional Vaccines). I am perfectly fine with this, God has better things in store for me.

I'd rather die than submit to this tyranny.

Merry Christmas fellow Pedes, and God Bless. WWG1WGA.


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I am not date fagging, but things are really starting to ramp up, significantly. The Deep State is panicking, FISA Gate is being exposed right along with Pedogate. The election rigging is coming to the forefront once again with more states showing irrefutable election fraud. Twatter is imploding, they lose no matter which direction they head, more big tech/media will follow (Blackout). Trump is calling out the Muslim rep for marrying her brother. Trump calling out ANY News media to challenge him on election fraud (no takers). Trump basically on fire, and will continue his scorched earth strategy.

Mass protests globally on Omicron nonsense and mandates. You can smell the desperation from the Deep State trying to keep this Covid fraud above water.

We are going from a slow drip to an almost constant flow of damning news for the Deep State. Each day not just brings one of two new positive developments, but dozens.

NCSWIC.... Disclosures. Information. Truth. Any agency that falls under Trumps executive orders on disclosures can freely drop these bombs at will. Think FAA, Epstein flight logs. All timed with precision and accuracy.

The Hunters are now the Hunted.

It's coming... EVERYTHING.

The shot heard round the world will be the first shot fired from the firing squad.



So if you want to jump late in the game on getting jabbed for Corona, you would need the first two jabs, then all boosters up to the most recent variant booster. Think computer software, you have to get/buy the base software, then get all the upgrades. At what point can we jump right to the current booster/variant, which includes all previous variants.

We are witnessing the real time model for vaccine sales for Covid (not vaccines) being peddled as software. If you are not awake yet, you better get there fast.

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