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This video says it was 5 am. Didn't the police go at like 2 am? I'm confused... Was he released and went back after?

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Free speech and zero political or corporate censorship is fair to all parties. Any party that needs to restrict that can't be trusted.

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She actually spelled it out? What happened to "We're helping poor victim Ukraine to defend itself against evil Putin"?

So, to all unbelievers & excuse finders: this IS a WAR US/EU/NATO vs. RUSSIA ‼️

90 sec to midnight!

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She seems to be trying to make the same "you didn't build that" case that Obama did; that the American people don't own the infrastructure and they should be grateful that the government provides it for them.

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Wokies are not the majority and this news just proves that.

Don't get me wrong I respect everyone but I don't want anything to be forced upon me!

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Looks pretty uncomfortable for a guy who marched for civil rights, and got locked up with Nelson Mandela

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It’s clear that there’s no longer much concern about “saying the quiet part out loud” for many of those gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Take United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as an example of a WEF-goer who is no longer afraid to come across like a Bond villain with this advice to world leaders and politicians

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Buckle up folks…

Is the Matrix about to break wide open?

What was long considered just “conspiracy theory” and “far right” crazy talk on the Internet is now becoming reality.

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Governor Ron! Always standing against evil’s . More power and strength to you sir.

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World: "Christians, stop it with the persecution complex. Your rights will never be taken away from you."

Also world: (Mall of America. This week)

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She looked very sick, which could be medication or illness. Or the vaccination that she advocated for...

Her face and stance remind me of the journalist that fell down a few days ago!

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She feels confident in her smugness because she is hardly ever held accountable or asked hard questions by the MSM. On the rare occasion they do, she gets indignant. She forgot she works for us, the people of the United States.

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I screen-recorded it off his YouTube because you know they going to delete that video.

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And "it's not like" he had any right or business securing those documents as a vice president. That's the real issue here and nobody is talking about it!

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Good thing he lawyered up and remained silent.. The DA is not your friend.. Well, unless you are a criminal??

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