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And what's infuriating is 25 Senate RINOS and 100 House RINOS voted to fund this. 3 times.

This is not about Democrats or Republicans. This is about a corrupt deep state working with globalists to bring America down.

They will not get what they want. They are starting to sweat a lot in fear. The time of great exposure & judgment is here.

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The best way to protect an event from terrorists is to bring the ones who are funding them to do the job.

In the meantime, a Christian cathedral goes up in flames!

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These celebrities live in a bubble completely obviously to the problems of the ordinary person

Glad he found out!

The clip of Trudeau at the end reminds me of Biden's recent freeze-up during the debate.

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I would rather have a Key and Peele presidency over another Obama shadow term. That's uncanny, but why is he even there instead of the supposed President?

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What is that, the one-hop marathon? "GOOD JOB, JOE!

I've heard that’s called the Corn Pop shuffle. You usually see it right before he falls down.

Like a wax museum figure, Biden is melting as the "heat" of the election is being turned up.

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I wonder if there are any FEC filings for this “company?”

Joe Biden had to buy the URL for Project 2025 to show people that Trump is involved, lol

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Somebody lied, as usual. They need to explain the other 8 visits then!

None of their lies track, not even a little bit. This administration is really bad at telling lies. With all their experience, you'd think they would be better at it.

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This guy has lost his mask before. I 100% recognize the face. I think he was in the J6 anniversary “protests” but I’m not sure. The feds need to give him a desk job, he’s been unmasked twice.

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If only bronzer could cover up the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The Bidens have turned America into a madhouse, and Jill Biden isn’t giving up her presidency.

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Like literally all the businesses and gas stations in the area are likely to close, leaving them with nothing!

And when all the stores and businesses close shop in these neighborhoods, they will claim racism, even though it’s 100% their fault.

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Somebody needs to tell them to stop writing cues like "Pause" and "End of quote" in the teleprompter.

How much has this group together combined for in student debt relief?

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These are literally the reasons I’m voting for Trump!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the leftist policy became so backward that everything they oppose is good for humanity.

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Wanna bet Ashley has been doing lines with Hunter this evening?

Joe's showers really destroyed her!

There's not a strong enough chemical in the world to wash the filth off that family.

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I’m gonna miss Joe Biden in 2025.

This is now becoming pure comedy.

It's staring to look like an elementary school play.

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Reflexes and situational awareness on point

America is not far off a third-world country so everyone should either own a gun or learn a defense technique! Our Country is out of control!

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He’s speaking the thoughts of every American right there.

This is one of the biggest reasons I support him.

No filter.

I think it’s great but the turd who took this video should never be allowed near Trump again.

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