I've honestly come to accept that almost everyone I know is just stupid, that includes white/black hat people.

Most people just get totally mad at me when I tell them my experience working as a Medical Examiner. Because it does not line up with their understanding of how anything works or how this sickness is affecting people.

You have all been tricked into not doing something to save your life so that more of you die than the enemy from it. Thus giving them a huge advantage, good job. This is a movie and you are the stupid fucking extras.

So what, umm are we doing about this?

So as a diener I've watched as the number of guests we get went from about 2 a day to around 6... I've got a pretty extensive look and feel for the whole thing in Southern Florida. And, I'm just going to say it, this doesn't add up to what most people are saying on here.

I'm almost 100% convinced this has been a reverse Psyop. To convince people to not get the shot to depopulate US, not the population at large. Because ya... This is not looking good for us from were I am standing.

It’s gross and gives them money.

I nor anyone else I know are voting again, not until this last election is fixed. Trump is reinstated and an amendment is made to allow Trump and only Trump to run for and hold office for more than two terms.

Maybe anyone in the Trump line.