Hey guys I’m just curious why Ivanka posted a picture of herself getting the vaccine on Instagram? I’m not getting it but I’m just curious, what do you guys think? Is it safe or not? Or do you think she didn’t really get it?


If you think about it, Trump really is a lot like Moses in some ways. I always watch Paula White who is Trump’s spiritual advisor and lately her sermons have been so relevant to what’s going in our country. She said in one sermon that she’s doing a lot behind the scenes which she can’t talk about, but in one of her recent sermons she was talking about how we need to pray God raises up more people like Moses, more leaders like him. And it made me realize I need to stop making an idol out of Trump. Because sometimes I think Trump is the savior of our country but the reality is only Jesus can save, Jesus is our savior, but Trump is our Moses. Trump is our deliverer, he has been anointed by God to deliver our country from all of this this evil, corruption, pedophilia, human trafficking, communist agenda. Think about how much God has saved President Trump from, so many people have tried to kill him, the media always says he’s gained weight but I think he’s really just wearing a bulletproof vest. Just like God protected Moses from Pharaoh’s wrath, God is protecting President Trump from the wrath of these crazy democrats, Hollywood, and elites. And with Passover on the 27th and Easter this Sunday, I know we are entering a divine miracle working season and I feel excited in my spirit. God is about to deliver us, we are about to see a great awakening and revival, and even with my own personal prayers that I’ve been praying for, for so long, I feel them being answered. God has a set timing for everything, we were born for such a time as this. If you’re a prayer warrior or intercessor and you’re reading this, pray for our Modern Day Moses/President Trump, pray for our country, our economy, the children that have been trafficked or are still being trafficked, pray that they will be saved and feel loved and that God will restore to them the years the locusts ate, pray for protection for the Trump family and administration and for our military too, pray that we won’t have to wear masks anymore, pray that God will raise up more people like President Trump, more Moses’ to fight for our country and lead our country, pray that every fiery dart that the enemy would send our way for praying for these things would be shot right back at the camp of the enemy, and apply the blood of Jesus over yourselves and put on the the full armor of God so that we can intercede for our country and stand in the gap.