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When they call in for tech support

'Please clone operator, provide me the serial number of the device'

'Where i can find it?'

'It's simple, just pop off that piece in the inner top side of the ear, you will find it there!'

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I could, for a decent good picture of a cat, or panorama, or flowers, or whatever, but surely not for for spooky bidet, don't wanna have my eyes bleeding in HD

EDIT: BTW 4k for me, shows up 475€, that makes around 560 bucks, you can do many good and funny stuffs for a week with that same amount

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Won't comment, but i'll leave those two, those speak alone




PS: the sheep in the second, it's part of the current logo in the header when you log in (or at least was until a week and half ago, didn't open it recently), i do have to use their CRM for work by time, and i'm DISGUSTED every time i open it.

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There was a second part, where he went back with his girlfriend and they went down, there was a full of small bones and shoes (kids)

Wouldn't have sense to fake this, but still we'd need some more confirmations, afaik no one else went there since this video

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Yep, can't really make this up, i mean, NO WAY, a professional photographer, just forgets something similar there, and also the rest of the face, if you look the full res original image, there's a difference between the shaved part in the bottom, and what looks like plastic / latex on the cheek

i fairly think it was left on purpose, but who knows, maybe they are trolling us, even if that wouldn't make sense

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Exactly, doesn't look like a band aid, plus if you look the full res one, you can see there's a big difference from the shaved part and the one that seems flat plastic


i think that's an ear/tab of the mask and had to be shaped inside

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Not really, in Europe it's a long story with the H1xx, many years ago, around 10-13 maybe, don't recall exactly, there was an outbreak where they tried to fuck us up like we are now with covid, but the only place where people ended up putting masks and stuffs was Poland if recall well, from where this thing originated (Always a 'breakout' from a laboratory)

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Hope you didn't miss the 'Asteroid' over France a bunch of days ago


I'm saying since i saw the first ones, i frankly think that those are NOT asteroids or anything similar, bur rather the last test drives for ETs/BlueBeam

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Exactly, that's what i am thinking too, also France 'manages' many African countries, so we could expect a similar playbook on both grounds

Nigeria, also, has been the first country to say that in certain states, for the unvaccinated, there would have been no banking services, churches, etc

They can't allow more lateral protests growing up, there are already to many, so probably as you said, they wanna punish and remember them who pulls the strings

If the covid shit was real just a 5%, France with 9 weekends of protests and millions of people in the streets at the same time, with no mask or anything, would be already a morgue by now

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May be nothing, but there are a bunch of strange stuffs with the numbers

for the H1N2v it's today, 6:09 am on the 9/12/21

6 + 9 -> 15 -> 5+1 => 6

9/12/21 -> 933 -> 9+3+3 = 15 / 5+1 => 6

Bird flu time, as well, 8:52pm,

8+5+2 -> 15 -> 5+1 => 6

Coordiantes too, to to many six there

Also, the twin country who's having chicken / bird issues is Nigeria, togheter with multiple cholera outbreaks

You can have a look by yourself https://rsoe-edis.org/eventMap

by Quelle
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quite sure what she posted has nothing to do with the time itself, but with the number serie 11:11, synchronicity, could be good or bad, depends always on what and who

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Said from someone that has been awake on many stuffs since his whole life, but fell in the NASA trap for to much time; Moon landing was utterly fake, i remember seeing that videos when i was young and being so stunned by the thing, looking now at the spaceship used, and the 'source code' that was handmade in i don't remember exactly how many books, it's just a fucking big LOL

And now btw, we can't go back there because they forgot the variables used and it's to complex to recreate the thing?



Source: i'm an Enterprise IT engineer and i do design and build some electronic/IOT hardware too, that thing could be a cool backyard BBQ

Anyway, a simple 'review' of those two facts was enough, but i've been digging on that after, watched tons of X hours longs video, and i had the confirmation of some ideas i had about the earth (have been searching and digging on maps and subject for quite some time, also due to Antarctica, Nazis, Poles, tales from the 'inner earth', etc )

Ii'm gonna leave some material here, still searching for but i can't find in which video exactly, there was a piece in which they toke the first and original picture from the NASA website, edited it a little to pop off how the 'earth' image was stickd to the background, and other interesting stuffs

Some articles with interesting parallel rabbit holes



  • id suggest also some reading on the various theories about the moon being an alien station, or the 'reincarnation system' engine, etc etc, not for much, but the more things you read, the more details against the official narrative you can put together, and from there you can see what does resonate with you

Some videos, good luck, some are quite long, but overall you'll see many stuffs explained (many of those long videos are made by the same guy, from my point of view he's entirely off on some stuffs, but still gives you details hardly you'll find somewhere else

https://www.bitchute.com/video/HSxVJcs7vi4h/ (this is much also Qish on many thing, id' suggest to watch it all and then see the updated version regarding to the earth, if you wanna jump straight otherwise should start around 1.12m, episode 9)






https://www.bitchute.com/video/C91jJD4YCT8N/ (famous water bubbles passing around)

https://www.bitchute.com/video/cEAlZ2J1Izwf/ (notice the transparent cables keeping the people up....)

Not sure it's in one of those, hope so but not sure, there was a part, showing also how all of the astronauts are freemasons, and also that, the crew of the challenger didn't in fact die but, was recycled after some years for another trip

Also this channel has some interesting stuffs


This little pearl that sums it all


Also, if you are familiar with the 'holographic matrix' thing, i'm going to leave you this picture taken from an old FM video, that once put in relation with the 'dark side of the moon', will make you think, specially if you match this card from the illuminati deck


To close, basically NASA is their cover for system, and for their dirty stuffs, they can burn endless cash without giving out explanations, plus with all those stuffs, one of the biggest reasons i think, they try throw you an answer (as always already vetted by...them) that tells you basically are the result of an explosion in the space, so feel lucky, don't try to understand why you are here or what's live or anything else, no need, science has the answers already

Aka bring away our attention to the fact that there's a creator, a higher you, that life is not just what we live on this planet, and endless more stuffs, to keep you warm in your bubble world

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Good, hopefully we'll have more whistle-blowers telling the world how fake NASA and it's tales are, and where our taxes and money are going

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Have no clue of the place, tried to lookup that ambulance, closest one seems to be Petersburg, but not sure, the blue logo on the side is different, similar ones on stockphoto et similia are the same of Petersburg so really dunno, but whatever and wherever, that's something coming out straight from a b horror movie, think that kid how traumatized will be for the rest of his life...

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EO and also i saw in other reports hydrogel too, apparently this shit is used to break the tissue when they push it deep in, behind the nasal cavity, so that the gel goes in and reaches the pituitary gland, where it does crystalize (almost in front of the pineal gland), and from there starts to emit an own EMF field that makes interference with the pineal/brain natural one

Btw, the EO, has been found within Carrefour food and products in France, like two weeks ago, mainly in ice creams, they are trying to put that shit everywhere apparently, like the Graphene Oxide in chemtrails and masks lately

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