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I feel its time i make this post as a way to bring the community together. there's only one way for me to do this an its to be brutally honest.

I was raised christian, my grandfather a reverend. so i know as well as anyone the ins and outs of church. from a young age, maybe 7 or 8 i started to have a skeptical streak. i noticed the way people would change away from church, i realized certain things in scripture that just made no sense. i was told to just accept them on faith, and for a while, till i was 17 and chose to be baptized for the first time with my best friend who i had brought into the faith. when i came out of that water and looked at the faces of the church congregation,the pastor, and my best friend in my whole life and realized that it was a lie.

now i don't need the bible to know that lying is bad, my parents taught me this. and life taught me this even harder. but what had become the lie? was the lie that i believed because i wanted to be saved? or because i wanted to please my family, my friends and community? when i became an adult my parents no longer pressured me to attend church. and im very fortunate that they have been so accepting of me still and we will discuss faith and argue over the subject. it doesn't stop my love for them. i understand their concern, after all they want to see all of their children go to heaven, what loving parent wouldn't.

i understand most of this community is christian faith based, and you want to believe that our nation is a christian one, but the founding fathers knew specifically that religion was always a contention amongst those who seek freedoms and rights from our constitution, "The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. " our country is not a christian one, but made up of all religions and non belief. all men made equally by "their" creator. means you have the right to believe what you want. the bible sure does espouse moral truth, but its not the only one. and its not perfect. non of them are. divinely inspired or not. i trust that most of you wouldn't just murder me for being atheist because god prevents you. you know that its bad because that's what it is.

for the final part, we all know the deep state is bad, we can all see it, Q has made it clear this is a world wide movement, its not about religion, its not about skin color, its about TRUTH. i just hope you walk away from reading this with the outlook that amongst you are people who may feel jaded, outcasts, not welcome, or straight up discriminated against. but still have faith in the plan, still want truth and still want to stop the lies and the bad things that happen. i know you all are looking forward to Christs return, looking forward to the afterlife, i would love to see my brother again, but i have to accept that it may never be a possibility, even if i am perfect in every way. i'm going to do my best to make this world what my brother talked about, and Jesus talked about. not because i believe he was gods son, or that his sacrifice was for me. but because he was good. good wins.

thank you.

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Our fight is one and failure is not an option. What we leave behind our loved ones will have to live with and under.