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No YOU take an Oath to protect our country and the Constitution. By you saying you would call China first you are admitting you would commit TREASON you POS SOB

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Came across an article that does gibe a little hopium. 76 % of respondents do not believe in the climate change BS. I know it does not mean anything here but it does show a shift anin a good direction

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So lets see who dies later today

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just went and looked at the Federal Continuity Directive 1. Devolution and Reconstitution. Interesting

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Also that is the way they were trained. They were not trained to think outside the box. Doctors of today have nothing on the old school doctors

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I say when they KNOW it is a direct violation of the Constitution they should be removed from office and never be allowed to serve in ANY public office again. That is how you end this crap.

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