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My good friend’s older brother, who I’m also close to, is in the hospital with Covid. It’s not looking good, and he’s got a wife and 4 kids at home. Good Christian Patriot who works hard as a nurse. He could use all the prayers you can spare. Doctors have him on oxygen therapy and Remdesivir, just started today.

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Tell whoever his emergency contact is to ask the doctors if they are aware of the work of Dr. Peter McCollough. The guy has published papers on how to treat severe cases. Another Anon mentioned "monoclonal antibodies" as does Dr. McCullough. Maybe if your friend's doctor isn't a complete piece of shit he will do the right thing and save your friend's life. https://rumble.com/veykvj-peter-mccullough-md-testifies-to-texas-senate-hhs-committee-about-covid-19.html