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Tried posting this the day I joined, but it never got through. I was too new.

A guy I had known my whole life, died 72 hours after getting his first shot. Dude had no issues, wasn't on drugs, wasn't overweight. Got the jab and developed symptoms, within 72 hours he was dead.

Please show your friends and family this, we may not be able to save everyone but, people need to know this shit kills.

Pfizer fired one of its chief immunologist for spilling the beans, he has stated that within 18-24 months of taking the vax, most people will be dead. If not sooner.

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Yes his full testimony is here. He is very concerned about the vaccine and does believe it is a depopulation device. However, I have watched this twice and did not heard the claim about 18 - 24 months to live. Maybe he said that somewhere else? https://banned.video/watch?id=609238dcf609210fc6b0c516

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I believe that is from past animal trials where the animals died in a year after being exposed ti wild type virus.

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Did the human trials that resulted in the shots being approved for human use, involve subjecting those trial humans to "wild" viruses to see how they would respond?

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Looks like nope haha https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/fourth-large-scale-covid-19-vaccine-trial-begins-united-states

Participants will be followed closely for safety and will be asked to provide additional blood samples at specified time points after the injection and over two years. Scientists will analyze the blood samples to detect and quantify immune responses to COVID-19. Of note, specialized assays will be used that can distinguish between immunity as a result of natural infection and vaccine-induced immunity.

Anecdotal I have seen that many of the "New" variants is used to explain the bad cases in ones that got the shots when it might possible be side effect they wont want to admit this wont be studied. I have also seen that in Asian countries india malaysia others that were low to good before the shots but after deaths cases went up.