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lab leak info starts becoming more and more mainstream

Fauci called out on the spurious funding for gain of function research on CSPAN


Government and CDC quickly start dropping lockdown limitation guidelines

"Eh, we can't force people to take the vaccine, we just have to rely on an honor system"

"One doughnut wasn't enough? How about entering a lottery to win a million dollars, if you take the vaccine?"

"Please take the vaccine, we won't mock you anymore..."

China also seems to be getting more aggressive.

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huhWHAThuh 3 points ago +3 / -0

The first was a beta test aimed at culling the old and those with already compromised health issues. Next likely tailored generally to white Anglo-Saxon genetics. Better living (actually dying) through designer microbes.

If you won't do it. (it meaning submit to the slavery of your Marxist Overlords), somebody else will - and that would mean the hoards of millions of illiterate starving massed at the borders, who would happily accept your place in order to have daily food (and your comfy home to live in). Their program couldn't be clearer.

ChunkStyle1 2 points ago +2 / -0

These are eugenics people. They're trying to target Africans.

huhWHAThuh 2 points ago +2 / -0

They are Luciferians. In their writings THEY SAY their goal is the extermination of Jews and Christians - also known as Westren Civilization. They refer to THAT as their "Great Work." They even refer to Hitler as "a disciple" because his actions resulted in the annihilation of many multiples of millions more Christians than Jews.

They have no particular love for Africans, or any other racial group. And they have their own extermination program in order to confiscate their resources. But what they call their "Great Work," is for Western Judeo Christian civilization. They make no secret of that in their writings.