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Exactly what child protection organizations?

like maybe the Clinton Foundation?

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Organized Religion has indeed been corrupted. And you won't find the Creator in any book "written by men." But there is a big difference in the Holy Scriptures. And that can be proven. You only need to type "ancient manuscripts" into Google for the proof that the Scriptures have indeed been preserved. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls offer proof of over 2,000 years of preservation.

"Written by men?":


[21] For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

You will only find the Creator "within?" That's the original mistake.


[9] The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
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I can remember one opening ceremony decades ago that was chocked full of Luciferian symbolism. At the time I had one awake friend. We talked on the phone about it right after viewing it on TV.

This has all been carefully planned and openly advertised for many many years.

They love to be bold and in your face.

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I passed this point several years ago.

I remember the feeling clearly.

It was as if I was trying to communicate with people in a different dimension.

They are there. I can see them and touch them and speak to them.

But they're not really there.

It's like the Universe separated into different frequencies or something.

Like talking to holograms that aren't really there.

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I've had normies actually say that to me. Maybe what I'm telling them is true, but they don't want to know.

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The President cannot sign any treaty or agreement with another nation(s) that violates the Constitutional rights of the Citizens.

Or he can sign it. But it has no force.

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They see what happens to those who don't "believe."

The same that happens to any physician who dares to even question the obvious - childhood vaccines cause autism.

They all know it on some level. But none will say it. None will even say it should be questioned, because they see what happens to those who do ask the question.

by penisse
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In past years hospitals primarily were non profit, sponsored primarily by charitable and religious institutions. The big push to corporatize medicine into for profit institutions came with the promise of big dividends to the public in lowered medical costs. In those days hospitals and medical care was rated at around 3% of national GDP. Most recent estimates put it in the over 20% range of GDP

You are correct that if it were forced to respond to market forces, Costs would have actually dropped. But instead, it became the playground of pay offs and kick backs and and a bonanza of bribes to politicians.

Needless death and robbing the poor always find a way lining the pockets of the rich and powerful at the cost of everyone else.

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No. He's a plain spoken honest man. Not a slick double talking politician.

Fox is being Fox, as usual.

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If Trump announces a 2024 run without fixing the 2020 cheating, he is announcing he intends to lose again.

The deep state just proved that.

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I would, yes. But In my personal experience there is no level of shame that makes them blush.

EDIT: At that point I just stare them in the eye. Words are pointless.

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You forgot the final step.

When it is finally main stream proven and accepted, it will be they who were tirelessly trying to wake you up to the facts, but they could never get it through your thick skull.

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Fox is definitely deep state propaganda.

Last night i was browsing the MSM stations to see what approach had come down from on high.

I hit on Fox News and they were doing an on site interview with a guy at a Georgia voting location. He was saying that he voted the Red ticket, but just decided he didn't care much about the Senate race and voting for Hershel, so he abstained there.

This is CLEARLY the set deep state narrative to explain how Georgia went Red, but it somehow didn't apply to the Senate race. And Fox was right there to plant the same seeds as the rest of the MSM.

It looks like that narrative was in place before any voting took place, and in all the MSM there wasn't even any wondering or speculation of any other possibility. And Fox was right in lock step with the rest.

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I'm glad you posted this because you reminded me of something from the past.

In 2016 I was relatively convinced that the country was too far gone to be rescued, so I wasn't particularly hopeful that Trump defeating Hillary would #1 be possible (the crooked machines were already well known for over a decade then), and #2 not particularly convinced that Trump was for real anyway. And even if he turned out to be a honest patriot, it seemed doubtful that he could single-handedly take on the DC power structure even if he sincerely tried.

But an interesting thing happened around 2 or 3 days before the election date. I was sitting at my computer and suddenly a peaceful, tranquil feeling hit me squarely in the gut. I was busy at the time, and noticed it in passing but didn't pay all that much attention to it, and kept on doing whatever I was doing.

But a little bit later, without even giving it any thought, a light bulb moment happened and a thought casually entered my mind: "Oh Trump's gonna win," was the thought. And it wasn't like I think he's gonna win, or I hope he's gonna win. It was the realization that he's going to win.

Last night it was immensely obvious to me that these elections are to a great degree bogus. And again it didn't have much of a demoralizing effect on me.
I know Jesus says that the Scriptures must needs be fulfilled. And if it is the time to come, it will come.

But the curious thing is I have that tranquil peaceful feeling again.

The thought hasn't entered my mind exactly what that means, but the feeling tells me it will be.........well okay, or even good, or maybe even more.

I guess I just need to wait and see if the explanation comes after it percolates around inside for a while. Or maybe this time just see it as it comes.

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I remember reading in the local Newspaper that Al Gore bought an island in the Caribbean shortly after his loss to Bush. I remember thinking WTF does he need with an Island in the Caribbean.

Not sure if it is in close proximity to the pedo temple or not.

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Of course.

And that was in response to the actual data showing a trend of slight cooling the past few decades.

It was shortly after the emails were hacked at the UN climate change commission where the director, Dr. Jones, was exposed demonstrating how to "trick the data" (i believe that was the quote) to make the current cooling trend appear to be warming.

They mostly kept it out of the news, but it finally did make it's way into some national publications like The Wall Street Journal.

It was then that they made the move away from "global warming" ,which had just been publicly proven to be a hoax, to the more nebulous term, "climate change."

Since that time they have wrangled the meaning around from a pretty much meaningless term, into one meaning a catastrophic emergency.

It has always been smoke and mirrors nonsense.

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They have so many documented wrong predictions about global warming that they had to change it to climate change.

Nobody can deny climate change. Climate has changed every day from the first day there was a climate.

Obviously nobody can make it change, and nobody can do anything to stop it. But at least it isn't a charge that can be documented to have been wrong so many times.

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Interestingly enough, the G7 didn't register any need to remove obelisks in the area, as obelisks are ancient symbols used in worship of the pagan god baal or bel, who is identified by Jesus in Luke.11 as Satan.

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Yes, apparently they have not heard about the cheat machines yet.

I just wrote her back and opened her eyes to the wonderful world of cheat algorithms in voting machines.

I doubt they have heard a word there about anything that has been going on here the last 2 years. It's blocked on all social media, and the MSM says nothing about it except, "the big lie."

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