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I'm so sick of these people..Seriously, what the fucking hell? And know they will force the poison on children? I will never forgive these fucking idiots, i loath them more then anything. If the majority of liberals die its a win in my book, useful worthless idiots who has committed their life to destroy the west. Fuck them, fuck these atheist to hell and let them burn forever. I have a bad taste in my mouth just when hearing these snarky idiots speak.

The only forgiveness they should ask is from god, they are my enemy. I don't give a flying fuck about people who says we should be "tolerant" and "understanding" to these maniacs. Fucking pedophile enablers and filth.

Sorry, had to get that one of my chest even if it is not the prudent thing to say or think but ffs. Carry on now.

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djmarcone 3 points ago +3 / -0

There's an algorithm on twatter and other social media that puts in bot replies specifically geared to wind you up. At this point it's just abuse because they hate you. (and me)

I'm guessing twatter is mostly bots at this point lol.

RoosterHeadBad 3 points ago +3 / -0

My position is that the sheep have had every opportunity in the world to figure this out on their own. It is so obviously blatant. But they couldn’t see past “Orange man bad.”

djmarcone 3 points ago +3 / -0

A lot of people don't understand the level of technology at the disposal of the cabal, and what is being leveled right at the people today and for the last several years.

Election theft, since 2004. Social media as a tool to spy and manipulate, since its inception.

Slow kill? Probably since early 1900s. Certainly since the lipid hypothesis. Certainly since fluoride.

On and on. At the heart of it is Satanism and they all simply hate the citizens of the world.