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solar storms / cme can be damaging


however I don't think "they" will allow the internet and power grid to be destroyed.

Despite the serious damage done against the cabal thanks to the internet, it is an invaluable tool for them to get data on us and to control us.

"They" will never let it be completely destroyed by a EMP or a CME.

part of this is because large and vast portions of Teh Internets is fiber optic and - I believe - there is a significant portion using quantum entanglement/coupling technology.

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Getting a used prius is fairly safe, they are extremely popular and parts are easy to get including battery parts.

It's not TOO hard to repair a prius battery, there are YT videos that show how to do it, and whole batteries (refurb) are around 4k.

I'd be super hesitant to get any other used electric unless it's just 2-3 years old or has a warranty or something in writing.

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the 9-11-no-plane documentary is extremely interesting and very disturbing because it could easily be true.

I mean, they're already lying so why not just lie completely.

by catssix
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the churches are NOT doing their job.

They are a business with expenses and a need for income. Their product is a show put on once or twice a week.

They own expensive property that sits empty over 95% of the time.

They attempt to "reach" people in order to meet the budget.

People that "cross" them get shat upon.

Here is my story-


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Trump will eventually go on Tim Poole

A decent center-left podcast, has been very conservative lately compared to the unhinged leftists out there. Very Trump and MAGA friendly the last several months.

(he ain't dumb)

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"elites are fucking kids"

that's just a conspiracy theory

"epstein is fucking kids and trafficking"

that's just a conspiracy theory

"maxwell was helping epstein and maybe was his handler"

that's just a conspiracy theory

"now that's she's actually convicted of trafficking why don't we know who maxwell and epstein were giving these kids to?"

that's just a conspiracy theory

MAYBE whoever it is that's screaming "conspiracy theory" about all this are the ones who were getting those kids.

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bonus points if the people taking the video are in a diesel or something

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some libtart overslept and they just made some crap up to cover for themselves.

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That money got funneled straight to the DNC.

The mansions were .... uhhh... commission? Finder's Fee? Payoff?

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hey there's a government agency that deals with those very things and more, must make for some interesting departmental outings.

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I think you're right. If those laws would be followed there would be no ADs or murders.

Think of the CHILDRENS!

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I think the interpretation of this ruling is accurate and sound and has wide reaching potential.

However I think there will be ZERO action on the part of those "other" agencies until the citizens start filing lawsuits.

Let's brainstorm - what would you like to end?

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I'm surprised they want to do that because when the repubs clean up in the fall the dems will wish they hadn't ended the filibuster.

Must be super desperate for abortions to happen?

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we had a storm just like that about a week ago here. Lightning that lit up the sky for several miles like a fireworks show. Hail, and sustained winds at 100 mph. Devastated property and infrastructure. But was NOT a tornado. This is not normal weather here.

That's hurricane force winds. In the midwest.

Fuckery is afoot, yes.

Or, it is the pole shift.

Check out Suspicious0bservers on youtube. This guy developed techniques to predict earthquakes and is a very loud and dedicated voice against established "science" regarding space, weather and physics.

He's been tracking the erratic poles for literally years and has talked extensively about what will happen when they finally do flip. Which they have done many times before.

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pffft, just get an electric car. What's the big deal?

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This is the key. Those who SAY they are Jews and are NOT.

It's super easy to blame the Jews for everything, but I would say that it is a case of mistaken identity.

I would say that the REAL Jews today are those who are dressed in traditional garb with the long side hair and hats and are in the streets protesting "JEWS AGAINST ZIONISM" and getting spit on and cursed by other "Jews" for their viewpoints.

I have no idea if the "fake jews" are a root cause or the root cause of today's and yesterdays problems but "they" have been kicked out of a whole bunch of countries for a reason.

The analysis of stock holders and investment companies that ends up at Blackrock and Vanguard and the mysterious people who ultimately own everything is interesting, look at the analysis and who they are guessing is at the very very top.

Some very specific families.

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the electrician probably has more stuff in his own house.

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I've seen some of the "viruses aren't real" stuff and what I think they are talking about is possibly true but all it really does is point out that viruses aren't what we think they are.

The gist-

If a problem is happening in your body there is a cellular mess going on and that leaves a certain genetic signature, and that is a "virus" and the body knows to react to it. It knows to come clean things up until the problem goes away.

You can take that "virus" (genetic signature of cellular garbage) and put it in someone else and their body will react similarly. I'm guessing that you can sneeze out a virus and someone else can pick it up and the body might cause a reaction to its presence.

So, a virus is whatever it is, but it may not be what we have been told.

And it's entirely possible that things happen to make people sick that are attributed to viruses that aren't really caused by viruses.

You know, it's getting hard to know what to believe anymore.

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can't get "covid" if you don't get tested.

(insert tapping temple knowingly meme)

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