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I'm so sick of these people..Seriously, what the fucking hell? And know they will force the poison on children? I will never forgive these fucking idiots, i loath them more then anything. If the majority of liberals die its a win in my book, useful worthless idiots who has committed their life to destroy the west. Fuck them, fuck these atheist to hell and let them burn forever. I have a bad taste in my mouth just when hearing these snarky idiots speak.

The only forgiveness they should ask is from god, they are my enemy. I don't give a flying fuck about people who says we should be "tolerant" and "understanding" to these maniacs. Fucking pedophile enablers and filth.

Sorry, had to get that one of my chest even if it is not the prudent thing to say or think but ffs. Carry on now.

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Sorry fren, not meaning to lash out on you. Im glad people like you are still in this world. But the inbred normies i do well without. The majority of them are just parasites with 0 skills and just a burden for the rest of us. And i'm tired, i've been tired for years to be honest. Contributing to a society that don't give a shit in return. I feel nothing for this people, i feel more for animals then i do for them. There is nothing they can assist me with, nothing i can learn from them. All they do is trying to limit my freedoms even tho men like me are the ones paying for all their shit and freedoms. Useless sum and traitors. All they will be showned is a early grave. "muh but but they ave been vicitms.." No they are NOT vicitims, they are spoiled, unpatriotic adult-children and parasites who celebrates degeneracy, abortions,unpatriotic ideals,open borders and everything in life that is the worst in humans. Im faaaaar from a perfect person but at least i don't expect to live on other peoples hard work and at the same time tell them how to live their life's and trying to control their freedoms. I hope they burn in hell where they belong.

corrbrick 1 point ago +1 / -0

No apologies needed patriot. Believe me, I hate the greed and parasitism. Those people are truly evil. They are the ones exploiting an invented global crisis to enslave us all, and richly deserve a quick end and a pain filled eternity.

I also hate the sea of stupidity that we are being forced to swim in, brought about by unwitting, flawed (fatally?) individuals who are aiding the evil ones in achieving their goals. Do these tools deserve the same end? You may be right; there are certainly times when I feel exactly as you do. It would certainly make life much easier for the rest of us if these people were swept away.

I do have to ask myself if they would be acting as they do if they could see the end game? If they could only open up enough to consider what the Anons have been telling them for years? Hell, where would I be if I hadn't stumbled upon Q with an open mind?