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BBThe vaccine Nazis are going door to door, that is a game two can play. The incentive is higher on our side because we would be saving a life.

We don't actually have to speak with anyone, all we have to do it present the logic, facts via a handout that we leave on the door.

If I had a thousand handout/trifolds now, I would start handing them out. How can we get this going?

Does anyone know a good fact sight. Cause really all we would have to do it say, "Do Yourself a favor. Before you take the jab, or let a family member take it, learn the facts a www.thescaryfacts.com. DO YOU REALLY TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!

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This is how it is done. don't play into peoples wanting to dismiss you as conspiratorial. You keep it short and sweet. No animal trials or humans past 3 months. Animal trials show all types of issues but these were moved forward without testing cytotoxicity, genetic damage, reproductive, etc. Then I have a meta analysis I put together and will post picture of as a new post so you can see and have it. Shows Ivermectin outperforming Injections and has a well studied safety profile.