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BBThe vaccine Nazis are going door to door, that is a game two can play. The incentive is higher on our side because we would be saving a life.

We don't actually have to speak with anyone, all we have to do it present the logic, facts via a handout that we leave on the door.

If I had a thousand handout/trifolds now, I would start handing them out. How can we get this going?

Does anyone know a good fact sight. Cause really all we would have to do it say, "Do Yourself a favor. Before you take the jab, or let a family member take it, learn the facts a www.thescaryfacts.com. DO YOU REALLY TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!

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I like the idea. To make it better have one side give all the reasons for not taking the vaccine. On the other, what a person can do that has already been vaccinated and is experiencing side effects. Instructions for reporting to VAERS, things to be aware of and on the lookout for. That way it's truly instructional and not something to be dismissed as anti-vax.

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I like it.