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I dont use Telegram but i follow certain individuals out of curiosity. Can someone give a an idea what GhostEzra meant by blood types vs population? I'm curious because i have a rare blood type.

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There has been people talking about RH factor was introduced by an alien species. We also know people believe Cabal works for/with some aliens.

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I'm a soldier of God. They must have fucked up somewhere.

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There is an interpretation of Bible where the demons and angels are actually aliens. "Fell from the star" could be taken literally.

The fight between good and evil could be the fight between the Bad Aliens and the ones who know about it.

Maybe the Good Aliens have finally started supporting us rather than just watching neutrally.

The Axis of Earth from the plane of rotation is 66.6 degrees.

The drop of curvature per mile is 0.666 feet

Maybe Earth was created and placed here as a sandbox, by the Bad Aliens, who wanted to farm us.

Who knows? Anything is possible.