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Thanks!!! I may need this before school starts.

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Thanks for providing the sauce OP.

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Thanks. About to do a red pilling crusade with this!

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Greekish 6 points ago +6 / -0

I had a discussion, yesterday, with an English visitor and his wife. They agreed that masks probably offered little protection but maintained "even if they reduce the risk of infecting someone else by just 1%, they are worth wearing".

I pointed out that they also increased the risk that the wearer would develop pneumonia or other infection because the warm, damp mask breeds bacteria. They didn't accept that hypothesis.

When I pointed out that I had covid last year and therefore had full immunity and couldn't possibly infect anyone, they told me "you should still wear a mask as a mark of respect to others".


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You know what everyone has that is usually really filthy? Your phone. Touch phone, touch mask, touch phone, touch mask... warm, damp mask, multiplying and super concentrating all kinds of the most foul germs. What did they find in that kid’s mask study? Diphtheria? E. coli? Etc? All kinds of bacteria and viruses. But the masktards refuse to think what they’re doing could be anything but virtuous.

It needs to stop right effing now. It’s not only that masks don’t protect anyone. I think they’re directly spreading serious illnesses. What about TB? It’s pretty horrifying to think what damage this mask BS is doing but not surprising it was the left who decided it was a good idea. Nothing they do is ever good or helpful, it always backfires massively.

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Archived link:


Edit: I noticed that a majority of the links to studies or articles in the article have been archived as well.

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This is the correct thing to do. Thank you.

Oh, and Hank, we changed that tee-off time to 3 o'clock.

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Downloaded for the HR asshat that thinks non vaccinated people will need mask to stop the spread.

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