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It's really not surprising. Walt Disney had the idea of corporate sponsorships for attractions. Other corporate sponsorships include Aunt Jemima's Pancake Kitchen, Boeing, Sega (had a booth in Epcot circa 1995), Chevrolet, Honda, Coca-Cola, Ziploc, and numerous others. Even McDonald's briefly had a presence selling french fries in Disneyland. Act II used to have a presence at the popcorn stands. It's a way for brands to get noticed and a way for Disney to get more money.

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So they weren't able to send messages and make calls, but were able to use social media? Can someone explain how that makes sense? That makes no sense.

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No! The only reason why he does this is because he knows it will go nowhere! Same with the abortion ban bill from Lindsey Grahamnesty. RINOs introduce these bills when Republicans have no power because they know the bills will never pass. They do this to fundraise!

Don't believe the hype! It's fake!

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I know there's a website that shows all of her stock movement, but I don't remember what it's called. I visited it once a couple of years ago. I'll bet if you were to copy trade her even on a small scale, it would pay out.

I need to start using bookmarks.

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Yeah, and John McAfee's "dead man's switch" is going to pay out any day now.

Or Jack Maxey.

Or maybe Greggggggg will actually drop his totally real and damning information.


It's always "I have the goods" and never "here are the goods".

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Wanted to flair with "culture war" but didn't see the option. Regardless, this could be something and the word needs to be spread if true.

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It's always "arrests are totally coming!" And never "Hillary Clinton was arrested about a half hour ago, here are the photos".

Right, Gregggggggg?

Right, Jack Maxey?

Right, Ingersoll Lockwood?

Right, John McAfee?

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I ditched litecoin long ago and never looked back.

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It wasn't Republicans who were calling for banning violent video games. It was democrats. It was friends of Hillary Clinton such as Joe Lieberman, not to mention Hillary herself. I can't name a single Republican who got in front of cameras to trash videogames.

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If Jim Jordan actually announced this, then you would only need to find the announcement.

Also, why would he announce this at all?

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As I recall, we don't have evidence for the claims made in the book "Silent Spring". The discontinuation of use of DDT has contributed to the malarial deaths of Africans. DDT is extremely effective against bed bugs.

I think Rachel Carson is a fraud.

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Just to be clear, you think that Project Veritas is a YouTube Partners Program participant and that they receive ad revenue from their videos? Or you think that Project Veritas can do what it does with live reads and sponsorship spots?

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This isn't unusual. I remember something like this at my elementary school. I remember the teachers talking about if there were some type of disaster where I'd need to stay overnight at the school.

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You probably did the right thing. I would meet this with mockery of the belief. Someone sarcastic like "oh, yeah, I'm totally extreme. You know, what with the tattoos, and the literature, ave the chanting, and the bombings, and the truck attacks, and the shootings. I'm soooo extreme. Why, I've already made two new suicide pacts today alone!"

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Well done.

I lost 40 lbs. in 2020, starting February 15. It took me about 5 months. I maintained that loss until last December when I gained 15 lbs.! Now I'm fat and angry about it! Lol.

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It's fake news. Had the entire quote been posted, you would see it was not any sort of endorsement.

This is intended to promote infighting, split the Republican vote, and usher in four more years of insane Democrat policies.

For a bunch of people who "do your own research", you dropped the ball on this.

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Pedo. He's definitely big into giving and receiving "booster shots".

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Did you know that Utah has a gold legal tender called Utah Goldbacks? They're bills with gold woven into them. It's real gold as real legal tender in the state of Utah. Pretty cool.

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So? She fell while hiking. It happens. What does this have to do with anything? She fell and the Satanists are implicated somehow?

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Is there any evidence that these are high school girls and that there is alcohol in the photo? A possibly brown bottle means nothing. And for all I know, those are his cousins or something. I'm not just going to jump on board with calling this guy a sicko based on a blurry photo and an accusation. This is how all that "me-too" and "mattress girl" stuff became such a problem.

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The search function shows a large thread for homeschool resources.


And here's an old thread I saved.


Hat Tip to u/ LucilleBrawl for this project/effort.

NOTE 1: This is a work in progress. Please post any good resources you have here.

NOTE 2: Before hooking up with any individual or organization on homeschooling, be sure to vet them for Anti-MAGA Lefist rhetoric and goals -- that includes all resources on this list. (Let us know if any of them fail to meet our standards.)

NOTE 3: Beware of overly-commercialized homeschool resource purveyors. Some folks are into this just for the money.

NOTE 4: Don't try to do this alone. Find other like-minded parents and join together. Know your state / local law, join a homeschool association and local / SM groups that support your values.


List of The States Where Government Schools Can’t Force Your Kid To Wear A Mask -- Map and State Info






Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)


HSLDA’s leaders, directors, and employees are Christians who seek to honor God by providing the very highest levels of service in defending homeschool freedom and equipping homeschoolers.

How to Get Started (Interactive Explainer)


Homeschool Laws by State (interactive map)


List of other homeschool organizations (each State has them)






Hillsdale College

K-12 at Home: An American Classical Education



National Home School Association (NHSA, appears to be membership/dues-based)



About Us Aside from our many advisors and associates, we are a dedicated team of seasoned homeschoolers that are determined to maintain the NHSA's position as the epicenter of the home schooling movement. With a wide variety of talents and experience our team is uniquely positioned and qualified to take on the challenges to unify the millions of widely diverse and fiercely independent homeschool families across the country into a single voice to protect everyones right to homeschool.

Free E-Book

Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler E-book https://nationalhomeschoolassociation.com/terra-scholar-homeschool-ebook.php

What are Homeschool Pods and Co-Ops? (explainer)


Other Resources, Activities, and Curriculum available on site.


Christian Homeschooling Association (CHA)


[Not sure about this group. Their website seems a bit thin.]


What is a School Pod ? (How to form and manage)



Duck search results for "homeschool pods and co-ops"



National School Choice Week (NSCW)



National School Choice Week is a not-for-profit effort to raise awareness of effective K–12 education options for children. We focus equally on traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online schools, and homeschools.

By researching and developing comprehensive and unbiased web-based resources, we work year-round to help parents better understand their school choice options and navigate the process of finding schools or learning environments that best meet their children’s needs.


Ed Choice


School choice allows public education funds to follow students to the schools or services that best fit their needs —whether that’s to a public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment families choose. Watch this video to see how an educational choice system works.


Reddit Homeschool Groups


NOTE 1: Vet these very carefully. Lots of lefties.

NOTE 2: Also search Reddit for specific State / Christian / faith-based homeschool subs.

Example -- Arkansas



FakeBook Homeschool Groups


NOTE 1: Vet these very carefully. Lots of lefties.

NOTE 2: Also search FB for specific State / Christian / faith-based homeschool subs.

Links to Duck search results pages for various Homeschool topics (offered temporarily for lack of fully-vetted resources)

State Homeschool Associations


How to Homeschool


Homeschool Basics


Homeschool Resources



Indiana Association of Home Educators https://iahe.net/

"I highly recommend researching the classical model, which I will gladly make a post on if there's an interest. Currently working on a Master's in such."

"My family utilizes a curriculum which provides the opportunity to meet weekly with other families in community. There's accountability, the chance for kids to interact with friends, cohorts of students, like-minded parents who offer encouragement, and amazing support from the curriculum company itself."


This was my first stepping stone: Texas Home School Coalition


Info on how to withdraw from public school. In Texas, it’s pretty easy.


How to choose the right curriculum for your child: https://thsc.org/homeschool-curriculum/


Homeschool Buyers Co-Op for curriculum choices. Free to join, lots of great deals!




Has every curriculum under the sun and then some more! It was a great place to buy homeschool books. Good luck I homeschooled both my kids and they are happy and successful today without going to college by the way! One is a self-taught gaming coding engineer and the other runs her own full time home based bakery business at the age of 19. Don't give up and persevere with the help of God!



Great source for older / out of print Textbooks.


Khan Academy


NOTE: The Math and Science resources are untainted, but check other materials for CRT and other SJW propaganda just in case.


Ron Paul Curriculum


"Absolutely the best CONTENT I have seen anywhere for subjects of Literature and History. My 4th grader loves it and is learning things I didn't know about until college and beyond. PhD level professors teaching in prerecorded course (180 lessons per subject per semester). Also have courses in science, math, etc and adult courses. By 4th grade students can work almost entirely independently with the curriculum (but you'll want to learn it too!) which is a big help especially for families with multiple kids."


ABEKA (Christian Homeschooling Program)



In 1954, Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, started a Christian school in Pensacola, Florida. But they soon discovered a problem. Textbooks and curriculum based on biblical educational philosophy were starting to disappear. Burdened to give their students the best education possible, they stood in the gap and began producing their own materials.

"my daughter taught piano to 3 boys who were using the christian homeschool ABEKA program and there all in college now! Both my daughters were raised on this program in private christian school."


Seton Home Study School (Catholic)


Seton Home Study School is a nationally accredited, faithfully Catholic private PreK-12 distance school located in the state of Virginia. We serve an enrollment of approximately 20,000 homeschooled students, and several thousand more families through book sales and by furnishing materials to small Catholic schools.

"Seton Catholic homeschooling is excellent. The program handles all the paperwork for the state or country of residence. They send a box of real books, computer use is minimal. We set up a fast pace with provided math course, so we can add Singapore US edition afterwards."


Bob Jones University Press (Christian; homeschool resources and books)


Saxon Math (subsidiary of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)


WallBuilders (history resources)


"BJU is a great curriculum if you’re looking for one with a biblical worldview. It’s quite rigorous. Saxon math is great also. Teaching textbooks is also great for math. Also check out Wallbuilders. They have tons of true history content."


Alpha Omega Publications


Switched on Schoolhouse


"If your kids like computer-based learning (as mine did and do), Alpha Omega Publications has a great curriculum called Switched On Schoolhouse. It starts in 3rd grade, and goes through high school. Covers all the core subjects plus Bible studies and electives."


Calvert Education


"Calvert invented modern homeschooling 110 years ago, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. We have helped parents educate more than 600,000 students in all 50 states and in more than 90 countries around the world."

American Education FM Podcast



The Good and the Beautiful ("Making homeschool beautiful and easy")


"I LOVE this curriculum! Christian based and has amazing resources!"


This is what we used last year and loved it. It is a non faith based, literature based program that is a lot of fun. https://www.movingbeyondthepage.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwos-HBhB3EiwAe4xM9yKOk1mVxbUPu6zr34gw4WJyo5NzY_eOOobZLJ27AeVCTA0IcjVaZxoCaiwQAvD_BwE

In addition we used Right Start Math which is a great program but requires a little re learning to understand their program. I think it would be best if starting from kinder. https://rightstartmath.com/

I've also heard great things about Math U See https://www.mathusee.com/

And we added on Lexia for families for additional Language Arts. I used this mostly for my kindergartner who was learning to read but my 4th grader loved it too. https://www.lexiaforhome.com/


The 74 Million


ABOUT: The 74 is a non-profit, non-partisan news site covering education in America. Our public education system is in crisis. Our mission is to lead an honest, fact-based conversation about how to give America’s 74 million children the education they deserve.


Textbooks (and other books) available in pdf format for download at these sites:



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This is definitely not from a videogame. It's just made to look like Metal Gear Solid.

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