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UPFRONT Disclaimer ... I can offer ZERO sauce to this post. It is hearsay, you have to draw your own conclusions to the authenticity, but I implicitly trust my source. His integrity is beyond reproach. He is one of the best Officers I ever worked with in my 30 years of service. He is HIGHLY educated, with several combat tours, and as far as human beings go, he is at the top of the list.

Spoke to my Fren last night. "COL Fren" is currently attending a Senior Service school for senior military officers (O4-O6). I couldn't help myself but to lead out our conversation with the situation in the ranks with respect to our Mid-Level military leaders (again ... O4-O6 - thats Major to Colonel for Army folks). My Colonel Fren said that there is about to be a massive EXODUS. He is not a "Q" guy, and doesn't delve into our community, so he is not aware of our concern about our military. He knows I am and he's cool with it, we just rarely 'go there'. This time ... he couldn't shut up about it. He is seriously pissed about the mandate bullshit and he said he is FAR from alone. I asked about the other services. He said the Army and Marines will be lucky to have 25% of their officers left. The Air Force is about 50/50. The Navy is cucked beyond saving. His words, not mine. Before the mandate bullshit everyone was like, to each his/her own. Get it, don't get it. It's your call. Now ... Mid-Grade officers (again, Majors to Colonels) are done with the stupid shit. I asked about General Officers. There was a long pause. I told him it's cool, I understood it's 'bad-form' for me to go there and I apologized, I knew better. He only said two words in reply: "Fucking Marxists". I about dropped the phone. That is some terrifying shit.

Take this at face value. This conversation did happen.

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Holy shit