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Precious Heavenly Father, I pray for the physical and spiritual protection of Dr. Zelenko, in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name. Grant it, Lord; that ANY of the enemy's plans against dear Dr. Zelenko be frustrated in confusion, derision and in total failure. I ask also that You, Sovereign Lord, would further embolden Dr. Zelenko and help him to know that he is doing YOUR WORK on behalf of healing and of righteousness. Lord, Bless Dr. Zelenko as a medical crusader AND as a spiritual warrior. Empower him with further tools and capabilities to do YOUR work! This and other prayers I lift to you Beloved Lord God, in the Name of Your precious Holy Son, Lord Jesus our King. Amen!

Joys1Daughter 8 points ago +8 / -0

Amen! Just mentioned to my husband after I read this tweet to him..."hope Dr. Zelenko has good protection!"

Also, the former CEO of Pfizer is NOW the HEAD of the FDA.

Tankstir 6 points ago +6 / -0

We all need to start doing this for every piece of information people bring forward that could get them suicided. Prayer is very powerful and in this season it feels 10 times more effective

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