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Threat or Warning? It's both.

It's a warning what they are planning to inflict on us.

Satanics believe in if they don't warn us first, they will have bad karma.

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There are ways to determine if someone is a clone: missing wisdom teeth, flat-footed, abnormal genitalia. Also, their gait will be different from the original.

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This Nancy looks better than the old Nancy. Clone? CLONAID.COM

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He is like the movie Interstellar. We were not meant to over populate and be culled. We were meant to travel to other planets.

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The past few years has taught me most human beings are quite stupid.


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We are blessed he is a genius, skilled, capable and compassionate. Not too easy to have all that in one man. Thank you, Elon.

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It's funny. When I was a kid I was deathly afraid of vampires, witches and monsters. Once I yelled because I saw a witch dressed in black stirring a huge caldron in my closet. My mom came down and said: "Close the closet door". My brother and I crawled on the floor behind couches to get out of the house to not see a scary movie. I used to have my sister sleep next to the door so a vampire would choose her first.

Then I grew up and was no longer afraid.

Turns out vampires, witches and demons are real after all.

When Ronald Reagan closed the mental institutions, he created the crazy homeless people. He said mental patients should live with their families and attend programs for the mentally ill in the community. He knew it was all BS.

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