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i dunno. the decisions and furor in germany was all started after Fukushima / Daiichi. They decided the risk was so much worse than they were willing to take on in terms of that a meltdown would obliterate their economy almost entirely.

that’s not slight risk. if anything this is a good thing as they will be forced to work out shit w Russia for energy

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that’s a beautiful redpill win there.

i wish more people understood the more you stick to your tune the more those than can change their minds respect you.

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well done.

here in Houston some held out and are now within their medical field profession absolutely cleaning up from employment and lawsuits now that the CDC backed off its recommendations and all.

their fortitude is astounding - especially the ones that found ways to stay in rotation and not walk. their fortitude is a light to others that now have loved ones tucked up bad

i keep hearing about 18 year olds just completely cratered off just one dose. it’s bad

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honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if she was genetically designed lol

hell he was a walking bastard w literally a mechanical heart for how long?

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kinda like how Liz Cheney looks like Dick Cheney impregnated himself

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Anon - I am ready. To be honest the time away was precisely what I needed.

Divorce. More. Complex PTSD. Like magic I work through it and BAM.

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Breakdown: it’s like the scene from Ghostbusters 2 where they are yelling at the ooz-filled toaster. They yell or they jam music and it responds accordingly.

This guy did the same while flash-freezing water and repeated the outcome over and over.

Negativity: the crystals were jagged, obtuse, fractured

Positivity: they formed perfect fractals.

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Lol Gov = Crooked FDA. Hell could be one person legalese speaking

Fuck lawyers.

They’re worse than marketing.

They’re in marketing your civil liberties being taken away for da cashhhhh

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I mean legally they actually have to reverse.

Expecting to see Congress vote and try to force it in. Of course it goes back to the Supreme Court - but their base will see that as a win. Maybe they can ride that furor to finally saying anyone outside the party is turrrrrrrist like they’ve been going for.

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I call this the Ripple Principle.

The less reported any of this is - the easier it is for our side to operate.

We don’t need recognition now. Stack em’ up, knock ‘em down, and later we can point back at the Body of Evidence after the fact.

Purely on the principle that the more attention given - the harder to operate - we have too much work to do and too large a backlog to knowingly make it harder.

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Derivatives alone are all that is needed to implode all known currencies and usher in CBDC.

Trillions in debt so complicated they are kept off book - yet could be digitally detonated at really any time and swirl the world into the toilet in ultrahyperinflation instantly leveraging the world into 1,000,000,000,000:1 Debt:Value.

How were those currencies floated until now w “Printing Press Goes Brrrrrt”? That’s how. The Eco PHDs were funneling in excess into Derivatives.

The Blackrock Derivatives plus is hedged at a possible 400 Trillion.

Major Banks alone 230 - 380 Trillion: to show that in tangible terms: https://files.catbox.moe/uvmfi7.jpeg ( at the bottom there is a truck pulling 2,000,000,000$ cash )

Bit more for those new to this: Derivatives are Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Edit: I also don’t think Scare Event = A Financial Crisis alone. My guess is it’s going to be something that will make everyone feel like an ant - a spec of dust - and wipe away 40% of Society Confidence by muting the “feel good” religious types that didn’t really awaken. What would do that?

Scare Event / Sky Event

  • Asteroid ☄️
  • Aliens saying they seeded us and there is no God

Big whiz-bang would be thinking an asteroid is going to hit earth and then dropping the Alien PSYOP right then. They have been preparing for it for a long time down to the Vatican so you tell me it’s not possible. People are so desensitized this makes the most sense to me. Throw in the fact they could say “we need DNA BioMedical Surveillance to stop the Aliens cuz they can look like us” and the Kabal gets all their points hit and servitude to a Central Everything. Even a “Aliens wanna help us but not if we have guns”


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Yea at the time it came out it wasn’t far off - how it cycled back in is another thing

Virus / Russia Side the Alien Reproduction Video ( ARV ) stuff is also a big deal being se know they are preparing that op on everyone massively. To The Stars Academy and these fake Navy UFO articles all around are all %100 Confirmed UFO Seeding and are actually our classified aircraft. Even Cattle Mutilations turned out to be PSYOPS used so the FDA could randomly sample cattle without causing a scare in beef markets - just pretend to be aliens and it worked well.

Honestly does anyone here think they didn’t discover better tech than Jet Engines and all long ago? It’s intense to think progression in that side of things hasn’t been moved forward by much since 1960.

I grew up reading Bill Sweetnam Articles

Anyway there are actually assloads of people coming out saying that what happened was we had Antigravity etc and it was all Special Access Program classified - but that a lot of those secrets were sold to enemies who are now close to reveal - so the plan is basically to “disclose” and try to obfuscate origin and more. It’s big stuff. 23 have tons of tech that’s out there that could change the world overnight

The argument about this is it would hugely destabilize the world since so many people can’t handle that much change financially or otherwise. They’re locked in their “this is how the world works” and would panic attack over these big changes and choices etc.

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It goes so much further back.


Know that gut feeling that Civil War / WW1 / WW2 etc were all planned? Yep.

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Because they don’t want the individuals to be able to monetize. Smartest thing anyone could do is open source shit and make money off of service

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