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I find it super interesting that people are coming to God in the ways I always felt he wanted us to.

Orthodoxy and all I watched push countless people away. Jesus came to take the Love of God and cover the biggest sinners, most imperfect, most flawed, and most attacked by darkness. He didn’t come to sweep away the perfect most orthodox. The entire reason the went to task with the Philistines and their 300+ rules of Orthodoxy.

God loves you in ways you can’t fathom. It’s boundless and beyond words. You can’t screw up too much. If you remorse and crave to be in his presence and strive to do better - he is there.

So build that personal relationship. Just talk to him. I go on walks. Just me, Him, the sun, wind - I had to learn to be still.

Anyway after awhile you learn He is pretty cheeky. I mean with Billions of Children he’s basically a great appreciator of Hilarious things - like birthing John Durham on 3/16/1950.

I tell you what lol. He’s never stopped me from making a total mess of things. Looking back I can just imagine how hard he was chuckling at my dumbassery.

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Urban Domestication is the act of taking a Frontier Spirit and Dynamically Capable person and making them more dependent on Society as a whole.

Removing self-sufficiency and replacing it with Dependency.

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The key is that domestication leads to the loss of American Values and the rise of GLOBOHOMO.

Want a 2000 mile salad? Synthetic meat? The idea you can’t be healthy through food but only manipulating God’s Design?

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Immune system has 340+ Known immune capabilities.

The vaccine turns off all but 3.

Do the math.

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Well nobody gives a shit about the constitution on the left so - fair question

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They did. And they targeted /pol/ for a reason.

8chan was important for one reason.

Watkins was Intel.

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Good insight.

If you are following along and understand how the stringers & posts were designed /w markers and more - these posts were military planned from the start.

Was every post planned? No. But the clock proves key events were.

How? 9/11 shifted a lot and understanding who in Saud was responsible shows that the Old Guard had to be started by a Coup installing Bin Salman. Ever wonder why the MSM shoulder to shoulder doesn’t cover anything he does but negatives? Prime Bandar etc had to be muzzled and shut. Also remember FOX was not an asset but the white hats recruited people like Sara Carter and John Solomon directly. If you are new to this go back and find the interviews w them saying they were pulled aside in their residential driveways by white hats saying “we need you to cover this and this”. I have no qualms assuming Catherine Heridge also was.

Remember the glowing orbs? Those are extremely important and made them collectively shit bricks.

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I fear that in 2022 USSA there is such a blur between what We The People would want vs the NGO Riot Mob - how could Trump have done anything?

Namely if either had pushed it - would that have been seen as a violation of Constitutional Process or Candor etc? Not sure myself.

Trump I would see as having the cleanest and most concise emphasis on the topic so a decided outcome could be possible.

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Excellent source.

I sure hope these sub stacks are auto-archiving w fallbacks.

High value

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eh it's PR.

We know they won't light the tires until the moment. It all has to come from official channels.

It's been years-long now wondering how we could turn things around. Legally is the only way.

My thinking?

  1. Durham exposes the complete weaponization of the Federal Government.
  • CIA corrupting Congress
  • CIA corrupting voting
  • CIA corrupting everything
  • FBI waging open lawfare in an entirely top-down scathing way
  1. DOJ will do nothing and prove they want the corrupted form of COG Government and Suspension of Constitution
  2. 2 above here leads to Military intervention. Remember their oath is to the Constitution. If it's proven the government has no intention of enforcing Constitutional Principles - the US Miliary has zero choice to act - they must.
  3. We see each individual arm of the Military Act or Not Act
  4. We see open calls by various branches to attack / fold the other branches. Much like Lawfare against each other.
  5. Calls for the United Nations / NATO to directly intervene.

Keep in mind the power of Roe v Wade. The decision sidesteps the 10th Amendment. It's not legal. It can't be. The only way past it has always been Emergency Actions.

That said - all these "Liberals" out there witnessing the "grass roots" changes that allowed Marijauna Legalization did so by acting within the precedence of the 10th Amendment. The Literally can not back Marijauna Legalization at State Level while being at odds with said States also, legally and lawfully, taking their own actions RE: Abortion.

That's what we are watching. There can not be legal double-speek Constitutionally. Either they loose Weed or they Loose Abortion. Their choice.

Thing is most Americans polled agree with the steps on Weed.

Thing is most Americans polled agree with State Decision of Abortion and removing that from the Federal Government.

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Great info from him, for sure. This is very on point - as always.

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Cuz they wanna do their Title 50 shit forever.

Like edge whatever they can paramilitary wise and only go Title 10 / Constitutional War if they have to.

Same shit we’ve seen

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Cheers, MileHiLife. o7

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Not at all meant for you. Was meant for those that were having issues digging this matter.

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Hey I am in Houston. It isn’t just you.

K keep trying to tell these cats that Soros has legit tumbled all of these areas. I am not just throwing his name out there. We have watched his dark cash, traced it back, and seen him integrate campaigns, co-opt Liberty movements, have dems run as GOP, more. He’s even co-opted the weed lobbies all over. It’s insane

Look. NGOs need to be banned and fast.

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Headline Consumption, bro.

We have to be autists.

What does that mean? exhaustive research.

Know everything about something before you move on. Read the headline only? Fook auf.

Real anons learn where this dude was born, his fav color, what condiment he eats fries w, and everything else is ea-z-cheez.

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Claim was the video was edited.

At the time this was a huge thing and actually led to Aquaman being dropped from several movies and rewrites happening.

Now go search. They buried a ton of it and paid outlets to say the video was doctored.


Which video is doctored? Neither. They used context movement of the Overton Window.

Look at https://youtu.be/F7Ntg58uKvc

  • go to 1:07
  • the article links to past 2:25 - they just wanted people to see the video after, lie, and say it never happened. All predicated on the attention span of a newt.
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Shitposting in reality w Joy.

People flock to it.

I’m a human tweet.

You would be surprised how little it takes to meme reality

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A hell of a lot more.

Monopolies are not just monetary.

Death Cults require what?

Logical thinking.

Depopulation required what? They will say “less births.” They also say “more death”.

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Nothing says “quantity over quality” like a can of BUSCH

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More than this - Epoch Times ( https://archive.ph/KJmm3 ) is disclosing the Panic in the FBI when GEOTUS started carpet bombing them.

Notable: first time I have seen Tashina Guahar mentioned anywhere near the MSM - also close to 4 years from Q first mention ( https://operationq.pub/?n=1807 )

Figure 3.1 - FBI Chain of Command for the Midyear Investigation
James Comey - FBI Director - FIRED
Jim Rybicki - Chief of Staff (JC) - FIRED
Andrew McCabe - Deputy Director - FIRED
James Baker - Office of General Counsel - FIRED
Bill Priestap - Head of Counterintelligence (Strzok's boss) - POWER REMOVED / COOPERATING WITNESS
Lisa Page - Special Counsel - FIRED 
Peter Strzok - Lead Investigator/Deputy Asst Director of Counterintelligence - POWER REMOVED / ESCORTED OUT [CLAS-F]
Michael Steinbach?
John Glacalone?
Randy Coleman?
Trisha Anderson?
Kevin Clinesmith?
Tashina Gauhar?
Sally Moyer?

Guahar is going to jail. Zero ways around it. She was ODNI / ODAG and actively classified much of the Russiagate bullshit knowingly.

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