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For anyone thinking "this is just one guy, there are thousands of others doing the same or worse to our children" -- yes. Probably true. However this is a major fucking win in my eyes.

I doubt anyone has taken the time to watch the full board meeting, can't blame ya it's like 2 hours long and just happened last night. But if you're feeling uneasy that this was a hollow victory or a lot of effort to just fire one teacher, please watch Mark Dice's new video.

He does a great job (as always) of pulling together some of the most impactful parts of the night into a quick 8 minute video.

These parents understand that this doesn't end here, it's only beginning. This is a major win and has already awaken a few sleeping Cali parents, and I'm no parent but I have 2 great ones and I know parents TALK. You upset one parent they'll go complain to their 3-4 friends. Those 3-4 friends talk about it with their spouses and 1/2 friends, and it spreads like that.

Not sure if I can post YT links but "Mark Dice" YT channel's most recent video has a good highlight reel of the meeting. Check if out if you're feeling doubtful this was a W.

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The link you spoke of ☺️

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Thank yooooooou!

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Thank you. I have a granddaughter who will start Kindergarten in California a year from now. Fortunately her parents are based and Mom, who has custody, is adamant: no jabs, no masks! Is already looking into options. Hopefully this mess will be a long way towards being resolved by then. A lot can happen in a year and we’re headed the right direction.

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I am a retired teacher of 42 years (Elem K-6) and have taught every grade. I was fortunate to be in the same school all my career. It was/is a small parochial school, which has conservative values that most Americans identify with. We had high standards and expectations. Most Kids will work to reach those expectations. Parents pay a tuition of $5k+ per child and trust me, they held us very accountable. I know it's hard for working parents to be able to volunteer in classrooms for an hour or so a week, but if you can make the time, try, because it will give you great insight as what is being taught and how. It also helps you see that all children learn somewhat differently thus requiring various methods and opportunities to learn. OK...end of rant...