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I mean the morning of, as it went down -- regardless of what came afterward, or what you think of it now.

What was that morning like, for you?

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Someone popped in the office and told us a plane hit the WTC. We went in the internet (Webcrawler I think) and found some news but the internet was not what it is now in terms of real time videos, etc. We had a radio in our office. We turned it on and people gathered around to listen to the horror. I took a walk outside later. It was a beautiful morning where I was, blue skies and crisp. I could hear F16's scrambling since our ANG was one of the first on site. To think, it was so beautiful and peaceful where I was but not far south it was utter hell, was heartbreaking.

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Interesting enough, clear blue skies over the entire country. It was a beautiful Fall day weather wise.