Day of the Rope.... (media.greatawakening.win) 🚔 Crime & Corruption 💸
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Makes sense, I believe the event you are referring to was this years inauguration.

I doubt we will find much clarity in this story. If you read the CNN article from yesterday, its intended to make Trump look like a crazy man. They go overboard describing him as being enraged by the outcome of the election when everyone around him was telling him the election results were legit. I believe this Milley story is all about the election fraud cover-up. They are providing rationalization for their actions and strengthening their story for 1/6 and everything before that date. Somehow, all this talk of election fraud is nothing more than the raving of one man who came out on the short end of the stick.

Miley will have to respond, maybe on Sunday morning and who knows what he will say. I sure wouldn't want to be him this morning. He is either a black hat through and through or he is helping Trump and cannot tell anyone. I am staying neutral for now but only because there are too many people on the hang-em-high train