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Hey everyone,

Here is the article: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/chinas-economy-suddenly-disintegrates-land-sales-crater-90

He summed things up nicely at the end: "Bottom line: Beijing is facing an economy whose wheels have suddenly come off, and unless China's political elite is willing to unleash another massive monetary and fiscal tsunami and bail out the economy all over again - something Beijing has repeatedly vowed it won't do this time - a hard landing, whether or not accompanied by a Volcker Moment, is virtually guaranteed."

I'm sure all the pedes here will have much to discuss about this.

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The hard-to-borrow fee is only 0.4%. Some stocks that are heavily shorted can rise to 200% or more. If there were truly not many shares to short, these fees would be higher.

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Then you'll surely take advantage of that bargain and short a bunch yourself, right? Practice what you preach.