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I live near Pendelton, and you have nothing to worry about. The "horror stories out of Cal that I hear" are in the big, blue, shithole areas of LA and SF, just like in every other state with a large, blue city.

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Comments are mostly all good…

“So... A straight guy realizes he doesn't like gay sex? Why do we need all these extra steps?”

“It's almost like we're attracted to someone's physical form and not how they identify in their mind.”

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Meeting postponed to tomorrow 6/14 at market close 1pm EST.

Merger & acquisition news can't be announced during market hours. Is this (postponed to after market closing) a hint that there might be an M&A announcement during the meeting?

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Today's GME annual shareholder meeting delayed after people not being able to log-on to the meeting. The Computershare website, where it was being hosted, hit by DDOS attacks from 161 countries.

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Video clip of Citron head, Andrew Left, quivering lip and almost in tears. Enjoy!


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Not backed by anything? Heavily involved with smuggling & trafficking?

Are you talking about FIAT cash, or BTC? Who’s stupid enough to use BTC for illegal payments when there’s a record of every transaction? Real criminals use cash for that, like when Obama sent pallets of cash, so it couldn’t be traced.

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With AST (for BBBY) people were saying it took a few weeks to get your account info, after opening the account (first DRS transfer).

When I saw the shares leave my Fidelity account, I waited two days and then called AST and asked them to mail me a balance statement. It arrived after a couple of days and had all my account info. Maybe that works with Computershare as well.

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That’s a nice fairytale.

When DOJ/FBI/CIA and pretty much all of the Federal government is captured how do you make that fairytale happen? When the sleeping masses believe the “trusted sources” in the media, and truth tellers are censored off the internet, how do make that fairytale happen?

Trump would have immediately been accused of a coup, and tried in a corrupt court, while the media did their part to “inform” the public.

The only way to defeat them was to first awaken the public, over this current four year period.

“It had to be this way” ~ Q

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Same here, a ton of shares.

Here’s a situation where shares were “cancelled” during Chapter 11, just like BBBY…

From ChatGPT: "Hertz's original shares, traded under the ticker HTZ, were eventually cancelled as part of the restructuring plan. However, new shares were issued under the ticker HTZZ. which later reverted to HTZ once the company emerged from bankruptcy."

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You said ONE family member, but then you keep saying "they."

We should never be playing along with this manipulation of language narrative to make people non-gendered, that's being pushed on us. Schools are teaching kids to say parents, instead of mom/dad/father/mother, and teaching people to say "they" instead of he/she. The sooner we all quit going along with this BS, the sooner it ends.

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Just thought this was ironic, as we're facing a collapse of banks...

A big group of Black Swans on the ground is called a BANK, but when in flight the group is called a wedge.

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For some reason when I post from my phone, X links get screwed up, ugh.

Here's the correct link...


Unfortunately I can't edit the original post.

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I’m on the fence about Pence. In hindsight, knowing what we now know, that allowing FJB to be placed as resident was the actual plan all along, then Pence did exactly what we wanted.

Christopher Miller’s speech, thanking Pence for the most complex military operation in history, can’t be ignored, either. So what exactly is that operation?


On the other side of the coin, there is a list of things suggesting Pence is Deep State. Is he dirty, or has he been a double agent, allowing the Deep State to believe he was their asset? As much as those of us on this board like to think we have it all figured out, the truth is we probably only know a small percentage of the actual moves and countermoves.

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We should compile a database of “What are the F’N odds” events like this, where the coincidence of dates might be intentional symbolism.

For example…

What are the F’N odds that HRC betrayed our country on 9/11/12 and then was tossed into the back of van on 9/11/16.

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