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If your theory about the gov wanting that capital gains taxes is true, then it's in their best interest to launch this rocket before the end of the year, so they can collect those taxes by April 15.

I'm in CA, highest taxes in the nation (expect maybe NY?) and we've already been entertaining the idea of moving to Florida (we've been there twice in the past six months, scouting it out) and if yuge $ rolls in after Jan 1 ('22 tax year) then I'm moving to FL for zero state taxes on that windfall.

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Anyone who voted Biden obviously runs on emotion over facts. Many of them are currently in the process of learning the truth, that they were duped, and they're trying to come to terms and cope with that.

Maybe waiting until we've fully won this war, before antagonizing these people, would be a better idea. You will succeed at nothing other than pissing them off, and their brainwashing that MAGA people are assholes will be reinforced.

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That's the whole point. Cuomo is disgraced and gone. Trump is seemingly more popular than ever.

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Hard to believe how yuge this is becoming. Her massive fanbase (157 million on Instagram alone) is rapidly learning that...

  1. The vax is dangerous.

  2. That gov mandating medical procedures on its citizens is horribly wrong.

  3. That the the media attacks anyone who questions the official narrative, and lies while doing it.

  4. That social media silences people who ask legitimate questions.

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Classy comment.

Nobody said that you need to like her, just be glad that she's waking up more people than all of us here, put together, could manage to do in 10 lifetimes.

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HR1 voting bill - nope

Pack the Supreme Court - nope

Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico - nope

Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress - nope

Close Guantanamo Bay. Didn’t happen, and is now being expanded - LOL

Biden extended Trump’s Executive Order 13848 that was set to expire - WOW!

David Chipman’s appointment to head ATF - nope

Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy reinstated by court

Student loan forgiveness - nope

Debt ceiling raised - nope

Evection moratorium extended - nope

Block Texas abortion bill - nope

Door to door vax pushers - nope

FDA approval for the vax was a bait-n-switch lie - no approval

Stop the Arizona audit - nope

If you think things are getting worse then you're paying attention to the fake news optics. People are waking up in droves, and the tide is rapidly turning.

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He opinion on anything, means absolutely nothing to anyone who had been awake and praying attention.

That's the whole point... This isn't for us, obviously. She's reaching a HUGE demographic of the public, who, up until a few days ago, had no clue that...

  1. The vax is dangerous.

  2. That forced medical procedures by the gov, on citizens, is horribly wrong.

  3. That the media attacks anyone who question the official narrative, and they lie doing it.

  4. That social media silences people who question the official narrative.

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Nobody said you have to buy her music or support her in any way. She's currently a giant tool being used to wake up her huge following... that's a win for the country.

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It blows my mind that Q told us what would happen. That Americans would be driven to the precipice, to wake up the sleeping masses.

That plan is currently in motion; we’re actually at war with the Deep State, and people around the world are waking up…

But some people on here seem to have totally forgotten the Q plan, and turned into doomers as we approach the precipice.

Dems have achieved nothing other than waking people up…

•HR1 voting bill - failed •Pack the Supreme Court - failed •Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico - failed •Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress - failed •Close Guantanamo Bay. Not only didn’t happen, but it’s now being expanded, lol •Biden extended Trump’s Executive Order 13848 that was set to expire. What?! •David Chipman’s appointment to head ATF - failed •Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy reinstated by court •Texas anti-abortion law upheld by Supreme Court •Debt ceiling raised - failed •Evection moratorium extended - failed

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Project Looking Glass

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“Red October” Does that mean CA officially turns red (Republican) in October when the the truth about this election is revealed? There’s a lot at play here, as a CA resident and homeowner, I wish I knew more… but they have been sitting on the results of the Arizona audit for weeks now, they’re waiting to make it public for a reason, maybe to release it in conjunction with the CA proof??? Let’s see what happens….

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Most Democrats didn’t believe the ‘20 election was stolen. But with this recall, half the Democrats were in favor of it. So now the steal effects them, as well as Republicans. Now they’re seeing the truth, and that is the goal, to make people aware. Let’s see what happens…

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What day was that photo taken, with the kids? Was it on Sept 11, or the day prior?

Q drop 4662 is from Sept 10, last year, and it asks "Would a Q in the corner do the same trick?"

If that photo is from the 10th then it would be on the one year delta.

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A lot of people on here complain that things are taking too long. But honestly, the huge awakening in this country (and the world) is happening fairly quickly, considering how monumental the task is.

“As long as the American people hold in their hearts deep and devoted love of country, then there is nothing that this nation cannot achieve. Our communities will flourish. Our people will be prosperous. Our traditions will be cherished. Our faith will be strong. And our future will be brighter than ever before. I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart, an optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come." - DJT

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And the media that pushed their lies. And the hospitals that did their dirty work. It's all being brought out into the light. Wall Street and banks are next up....

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There are three people that I can't figure out for sure. If they're working against us as we're being led to believe, or possibly something else.

  1. William Barr 2. Amy Coney Barrett 3. Mark Milley

The fact that this story is being pushed on us today by The Washington Post and CNN smells fishy. Remember, the story we were told back in January is that Pelosi went to Milley on January 8th, and demanded that he disable Trump's nuke codes, and enable them to her. Did everyone forget this? Is the media trying to bury Milley to divert from Pelosi? Is Milley secretly on our side the whole time, and has the evidence against Pelosi? There are a lot of different ways this could play out, and I for one don't have a clue which way it will go, at this point. 48 hour rule, and then some.


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Don't put words in my mouth, please. I never said "insperation" or even implied anything remotely close to that. If she can be used as a tool to show millions of people that the media and pharma are corrupt, then everyone should certainly welcome that help. Our country could use all the help we can get in that dept. right now.

I'm a 54 year old suburban dad, so I doubt that I've ever even heard any of her music. I had to look her up on Instagram (the only social media I have) just out of curiosity to see how large her following is. Just because I acknowledge that she is fighting the same battle as we are, and that's a good thing, doesn't mean that I endorse whatever her "whorish antics" might be.

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Has the Arizona audit been held to be released right as everyone is up in arms about the CA steal? Maximum impact?

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She has 157 million followers on Instagram alone. How many are currently finding out the truth about the fake-news media (and pharma) because of this situation?

All of us here are sharing a lot of info with one another, which is great, but we're in an echo chamber. She's reaching far more minds than all of us here put together, ever could. So as the old saying goes... The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Until a couple weeks from now when 100 is changed to 50.

Better for businesses to just not comply from the start, than to play their game. Playing their game is negotiating with terrorists. The only way we win is by flat out saying NO.

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