Keep Charging, Midnight Riders 😎 (media.greatawakening.win) N-C-S-W-I-C
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You're right about JFK's year of assassination. Don't know what I was thinking.

Thanks for the link to the "Time Traveling Trumps" video. I had started to watch it before, but was like "meh". Now I'm not so sure...

Holy shit! Here we have a "big and bold" locomotive just like the locomotive in Back to the Future III.


I may have edits as I continue to watch this video.

Edits: Now this is getting seriously weird.

The locomotive picture can be found here if you scroll down a bit.


Very odd locomotive. Notice that it has two fronts, looking left and right, like the double-headed eagle. There are engineers in the cabs on both ends of the locomotive. Past and future and a vehicle to get there? Looks like a young man getting onto the locomotive in the striped shirt with a green bag. Barron Trump?

At the bottom it says Houston, Texas, Saturday, April, 24, 1920. At least I think that is the date as that date was a Saturday. I don't know what to make of that date if anything.

A locomotive is found on the Seal of the City of Houston.


It is a 4-4-0 locomotive, but in not a double-headed one.

There are railroads in Houston, but Houston wasn't built as a railroad city, unlike Atlanta.


According to the Wikipedia article "The locomotive symbolizes progress".

Not sure where I'm going with the Houston thing, but the locomotive in the picture from The Sonora Aero Club is double-headed.

I'm aware of the Simpsons stuff as well.

Are we dealing with a temporal cold war; like in Star Trek Enterprise?

Contrary to what was in the video you linked, perhaps for the "okay" hand symbol when the thumb and forefinger are closed these are the bad guys and when the thumb and forefinger are open these are the good guys.