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6 6 6

6uild 6ack 6etter

Get it?

Here is a prime example. These fuckers are evil and do this on purpose.

"6 hours, 6 hours ... 6 hours"


(timestamp is one hell of a coincidence as well)

These SICK fucks.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

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This is how to search for Q misspellings that were not intentional.


There is no entry for this one though.

I don’t know. This may be nothing.

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Baltimore I get. Perhaps there is something to it. This one? Meh. It’s more of an inconvenience.

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This is a nothingburger. Few people are on the island. I’ve lived in this area for over 45 years. Barges hit things from time to time around here.

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The railroad tracks looked incomplete, like it was an abandoned railway.

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Various tribes warring with each other for many many years before the “white man” got here.

They even MAINTAINED SLAVES for a few years AFTER The United States of America abolished it. (on Reservations)

I’ll bet you have NEVER heard that anywhere else.

Don Cheadle finds out Native Americans owned his ancestors


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I don’t have it handy, but I once ran across something that indicated that those two people were not Valarie Jarrett and what’s his face. There was a website with pictures like the one you’re referring to. Google image search may lead you to it.

Edit and Update: I may be wrong.


I'm taking some time this morning to dig around and given what I found and what Q has told is this is not looking debunked.



https://www.50parties.com/party-49-party-naked/party-naked-snapshots.html (gone now, but there is a capture)


https://www.standardhotels.com/culture/50-Parties-Ryan-McGinness-Standard-Press-Book (look at all of the pictures)

Note the name of the hotel above.



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I don’t have to believe in The Plan at all to stick around.

  1. Q might be a complete LARP, but there is plenty of great information that will open your eyes to what is going on in the world. You will start to see the symbolism everywhere when once you were blind.

  2. If there is no plan then get ready for war. I’d rather be an optimist. Surely Trump didn’t sit on his thumbs when in office and they wouldn’t be attacking him so fiercely if they weren’t terrified. Some claim this is all kayfabe and Trump’s in on it. Come on, you can tell when people are acting. There is no fucking way that they could get this many people to act convincingly for this long.

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It’s not just any kind of symbolism.

Last night my wife and I were watching “Ordinary Angels”. When the woman goes to see her son, there is a pyramid depiction inlayed in brick on the stage backdrop. To drive this idea home, when they cut to another angle, there is an illuminated (may or may not be lit, memory is fuzzy) triangle on the wall with writing on it that they keep within the frame so it is very intentional.

This should raise an eyebrow of any Anon. I’ve seen this several times in movies, including the all-seeing eye.

Edit: I was able to quickly look at the movie again on my iPad. It is a yellow triangle with black border. Although I can’t make it out, there is a figure at the top that looks kind of like a bird and writing; some of which is in red. Bonus, there is a Sphinx-like neon sign and I can now make out the sign outside though clipped at the top says “Pyramid Cabaret” and has a pyramid depiction on it as well. I looked to see if this place is real. Though not in the US where this film is set, I find this shit. https://pyramidcabaret.com/ Right on the home page there is a chandelier of skulls. (not real human skulls as I know the anatomy from a previous career) Interesting choice of a place to create for a movie (especially since that scene ran a few minutes and wasn’t a main location), wouldn’t you say?

Edit2: It appears they did use the real location in Canada for the film. Still, what a choice. As this movie was based on a true story I’m trying to see if there was a good reason for this. (other than it being cheaper to film in Canada than the US)

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I really don’t like this one. It would mean that there would literally be a time machine or the ability to literally see into the future. (not just to make good estimations about the future) Otherwise we’re dealing with some matrix/computer simulation that we’re in.

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