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Might need a wall around their neighborhood.

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Yes, get ready.

Now is NOT the time to tell them “I told you so.”

Listen to them carefully. Listening provides HALF of the comfort they need. Then starting giving them videos and such to bring them up to speed. You cannot unload YEARS worth of information on them at once. You need to start them on their journey and help them along their way. It is ESSENTIAL that they discover things for themselves so that they can start putting all the pieces together; just like you did on your journey.

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You're right about JFK's year of assassination. Don't know what I was thinking.

Thanks for the link to the "Time Traveling Trumps" video. I had started to watch it before, but was like "meh". Now I'm not so sure...

Holy shit! Here we have a "big and bold" locomotive just like the locomotive in Back to the Future III.


I may have edits as I continue to watch this video.

Edits: Now this is getting seriously weird.

The locomotive picture can be found here if you scroll down a bit.


Very odd locomotive. Notice that it has two fronts, looking left and right, like the double-headed eagle. There are engineers in the cabs on both ends of the locomotive. Past and future and a vehicle to get there? Looks like a young man getting onto the locomotive in the striped shirt with a green bag. Barron Trump?

At the bottom it says Houston, Texas, Saturday, April, 24, 1920. At least I think that is the date as that date was a Saturday. I don't know what to make of that date if anything.

A locomotive is found on the Seal of the City of Houston.


It is a 4-4-0 locomotive, but in not a double-headed one.

There are railroads in Houston, but Houston wasn't built as a railroad city, unlike Atlanta.


According to the Wikipedia article "The locomotive symbolizes progress".

Not sure where I'm going with the Houston thing, but the locomotive in the picture from The Sonora Aero Club is double-headed.

I'm aware of the Simpsons stuff as well.

Are we dealing with a temporal cold war; like in Star Trek Enterprise?

Contrary to what was in the video you linked, perhaps for the "okay" hand symbol when the thumb and forefinger are closed these are the bad guys and when the thumb and forefinger are open these are the good guys.

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Edit: This line is wrong. -ARPANET was created in the year of JFK’s assassination. Makes me wonder.

I agree that it is not immediately obvious what the Mass Psychosis video is about. The video that I link further below gets to the point a lot faster.

I have resisted Project Looking Glass, but I have run across this stuff that melts my brain.


Start with Back to the Future Predicts 9/11.

I don’t have the Looking Glass interview where the guy says that no matter what they tried, the outcome was always the same. NCSWIC?

Here is another great video along the same lines as the Mass Psychosis one.

The Covidian Cult


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Damn good trigger discipline.

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And this will solve global warming as well.

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DoD created the ARPANET, later known as the Internet, in 1969; the year of my birth.

Was it really about creating a public network or was it really about creating a “parallel structure” to get around the non-stop MSM propaganda?

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL


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Best way I have ever seen it put is this. Extroverts have solar panels. They soak up energy by being around others. Introverts need time away from others to plug in and recharge their energy.

I am very vocal, especially when I’m talking about something I’m passionate about. I taught at the college level for several years and my voice goes on forever. I still need “me” time away from others. I have to be alone with my thoughts and do the whole inner monologue thing. A good example of when I’ve had enough is that after being out in public for too long, my “filter” stops and I start hearing EVERYTHING. It becomes oppressive. I just have to get away. “Going outside for some air” helps a lot, but eventually I just have to go away for some “me” time.

Introversion does not equal shyness.

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Hang in there Charlie.

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I don't know if I'm speaking for all introverts, but here goes.

We don't seek out leader roles as they're exhausting.

We can be effective leaders if we have to.

We can also be meaner than evil if it comes to it.

You really don't want the people that just wanted to be left alone getting involved.

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Wow, I had no idea. I'm next door in Texas and the only impact is the zombies still walking around wearing masks and wearing masks at their places of work because they have to.

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Damn, mask too? I didn't read that part.

I aware of this part.

As required by the City of New Orleans, all guests ages 12 and above must provide evidence of 1) having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine that has received full approval or emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization or 2) evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to entering the stadium.

Prior to entry, fans may present their verified digital proof of vaccination (LA Wallet or other official government sanctioned app) or an original, digital photograph or photocopy (both sides) of their CDC vaccination card. They may also present an official vaccination record issued by another state, foreign nation or the WHO. In lieu of vaccination verification, fans may also present a negative PCR test result that has been taken within the last 72 hours.

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Nobody buying tickets because of vaccination policy? Burn the place down and collect the insurance.


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He flew on the Lolita Express as well.

Lose Yourself. The NWO owns you; slave.

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Don't destroy history, including this. Let it forever show how evil people can be and what might have happened without the Patriots.

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Yeah, not happening. The last thing the cabal would want right now is the people rising up.

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