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Very nice. I literally looked at the Truth Social logo and thought of it as being a faucet. This was some weeks ago.

Frogs LOVE water.

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We are not the swarm of little fish attacking the big fish.

We are not the humans under the table who only need to stand up to disrupt the game of the globohomos.

We are not frogs to be boiled.

We are the plague of frogs who are boiling the The Swamp.

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We are not frogs to be boiled. We are the plague of frogs boiling The Swamp.

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We’re frogs.

The DS thinks they’re boiling us frogs. In reality, we are a plague of frogs that are boiling the DS. Dark to Light.

I used the Character Map in Windows to find the symbols. I just couldn’t find that weird one with the vertical bar. It almost looks like a cursor, but that makes no sense. Too bad I don’t speak Greek.

I’ve been watching the video. She talked about what I had thought about, using the Internet to get around the MSM.

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Very interesting. The 17s are very noticeable.

FAFO is noticeable.

I don’t know the non-English language, but it looks familiar.

Edit: Looks like Greek. Second word appears to be ποσοστό and Google translate says that means "rate". Working on first word. Edit: I can't figure out the first word. That character with the vertical line has me stumped.

The ARPANET, later the Internet, was stood up in 1969. It has been my thought that it was stood up to eventually enable people to get around the MSM. (not to mention it being used for surveillance)

A lot of this reminds me of the movie Eagle Eye where they’re tasked with shutting down a supercomputer. It makes me wonder if something like Eagle Eye is real and this is Hollywood propaganda trying to say this supercomputer is bad and dangerous. Perhaps there really is a computer like this and it is good. It’s been a while since I have seen the movie to remember the specifics. I do remember that there are twins in the movie and that is a whole other Hollywood thing where they encode Freemason stuff and such.

This is an excellent channel to run down the rabbit hole of symbolism used in movies.


There is even one for Eagle Eye which I’m about to watch.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all that Q isn’t an AI supercomputer with quantum computing capabilities. (a least the Q group may be leveraging one) Quantum computing would be used alongside our existing binary computing as they’re each better suited to solving different problems. Quantum computers can cut through encryption like hot butter. Edit, like T.O.R.E. through the encryption.


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Oh, a drop that has the CCTV camera shots on Epstein Island. Yeah, no link to what you posted.

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I just got a nice bonus and a raise, but inflation and higher energy prices will take a lot of it. FJB!

Not to mention inflation chipping heavily into my savings.

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What, if anything, does this have to do with Q?

Please cite at least one drop by Q.

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I haven't finished the video and maybe they will point this out.

At 9:43, the CAA building in Century City when viewed from above echos the Square and Compass symbol from Freemasonry.

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This thing is damn good. I'm at 40 minutes. It's so good I'm thinking the White Hats made it.

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The only presidential candidate I ever got excited about and donated hundreds of dollars to. He is the GOAT.

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Tell-A-Vision filled with "programming".

Our parents were right. TV will rot your brain.

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I’m drinking and I’m old. This gives me enormous perspective and no filter.

Edit: You just know Trump saw this coming. Trump Curse is in effect. This means that tax return records of other Presidents can now be demanded.

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