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It's probably because you dont fully understand how elections work, so if you have never been an observer at your local Registrar of Voters office, a lot of this will be like "WTF is going on" well I am a trained observer who worked for the Recall Newsom election. a lot of the info they are sharing so far is good, ESPECIALLY signature verification by Dr Sheeva. Signature Verification is where a lot of fake ballots with fake signatures can be passed through.

What can I do to understand this election shit in the future?

In the future, your local elections, you should be an citizen observer at your local elections, and get a tour on the election process. They'll explain everything to you, then the AZ Audit report will make more sense since you've seen the entire thing. It's not as simple as staying at home and watching. You gotta go into the vote offices and meet the people, see the machines, see the processes, etc.... to get the details on the AZ report. Basically, you need "in real life" observation experience to understand this stuff deeper

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Thanks, fren.