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Well frens, I'm at a loss for words. My father (who is very based and also follows Q) just told me that he is getting the vaccine. My mother has basically given him an ultimatum... Either get the vaccine, or get divorced. Before you all start roasting her, she is immunocompromised and in her 60s. That doesn't justify this path of action, but I figure some added perspective never hurts. She's my mom, and I love her dearly. Right now she wants a separation for her to reassess the relationship, so my dad is moving out for a bit. 32 years of marriage coming down due to propaganda and fear porn. My father is heartbroken, but his love for my mother is greater than all his other convictions. What kills me most is that after talking to her, vaccination is only the starting point. Not the heal all. So my father might get vaccinated and still end up without the love of his life. Truly heartbreaking.

In addition to all this, I also received word from my pregnant and fully vaccinated sister that she has COVID and has been tachycardic for 5 days. I told her to get some Ivermectin but she ignored my text, presumably because "horse drug bad". If this shit ends up killing ANYONE in my family I don't know what I'll do. My family is very, very small... Please send your prayers y'all. We will need them.

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60 is not too old to find someone new. What kind of wife would ever hold divorce over their husband's head. I don't care what age, kick that nonsense to the curb, call her bluff.

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I am with you. If she would just throw away all those years then call the bluff. Gotta man up in times like this.

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A lot of wives are guilting them into getting the vaxx by using the young kids. They say do it for the kids or else I leave. You have to think of the kids. They are at risk if we don't get the vaxx.

This pisses me off as my wife has said this! Oh, BTW the kids and her all got Covid. They were fine after a couple days. Was like a cold or a weak flu. I was fine. Took Ivermectin!