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If you keep in mind, "Its all a movie" you will get through this a lot easier. Q tried to reinforce this fact because he knew patriots who love their country were going to have a hard time accepting this plan and they could not have us interfering. He told us the military was the only way and for several reasons this is true.

I will try to explain what is going on today, the way I see it and how it plays in to future events. Please read this very carefully and then read it again if you need to. I know its a long post, its hard to put things in to perspective in short sound bites though. I see people really having a hard time with the waiting game but unfortunately its the way it has to be. Let me explain why.

We ARE currently in a war. It may not seem like it but yes, we ARE in a war. There are different types of war. A kinetic war uses bombs. Trump chose not to go that route because they are very messy, extremely traumatizing. Trump and Q chose a information / economic war, (General Flynn has talked about a information war many times) unfortunately this approach takes a little longer but the good part is, cities are not being blown to smithereens, casualties are kept at a minimum.

There are always hardships and loss in war, collateral damage is to be expected. You may notice our country is facing some economic hardships, businesses are going bankrupt, inflation is on the rise, shortages in workforce, talks of a dark winter. This is a intentionally inflicted wound on ourselves.

Right now there are 75 container ships from China sitting outside ports that can not be unloaded due to "labor shortages". They are blaming the virus. They are blaming the unemployment checks, our work force would rather stay home and collect decent wages as opposed to working for it. Also, mandating truck drivers to take the vaccine. All these factors put a kink in the supply chain. You may notice supermarket shelves are looking sparse, food prices are rising. This was all planned. Why you may ask? If Chinese goods are not flowing what happens? China goes bankrupt.

China is a export country, they only get paid when they off load their exported goods here. Guess what? They are not getting paid! At the same time they have the Evergrande situation. Evergrande will lead to a dozen more institutions going bankrupt within China. This will destroy their economy and meanwhile they have no income coming in. Double whammy!! The economic fallout will spread to the USA so prepare, stock up on essential items.

There may be as many as half dozen countries that committed acts of war against the United States (Five Eyes) but the main aggressor is China. They unleashed a bioweapon on us and took part in the election steal. They have bought all of our politicians, judges and AG's. For this reason China became the main target. This is why we see 4 of our battle groups floating in the seas surrounding China.

Q spelled out the plan in the most simple term in Q post 4524. "[D] + China = 11.3" https://qanon.pub/#4524

Democrats + China = 11.3. You have to fill in what this simple equation means. 11.3 is not a date, its a chapter out of the Department of Defense Law of War Manual. If you have not read it, I suggest you do, here is the link. https://dod.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/law_war_manual15.pdf

Chapter 11.3 starts on page 750


The fact that democrats joined forces with a foreign country(China) to steal our election from us and now Biden Admin has assumed power, this makes them a Belligerent Occupier. Its like the USA setting down in Iraq 20 years ago, we became a occupier of Iraq. China (with cooperation from the democraps) has become a occupier of the USA. This is a act of war.

There are international codes for war. These are expected to be followed by all nations. If these codes are not followed you can expect United Nations/NATO involvement especially if they see human rights abuses. These codes are called the Geneva Convention Articles (GC). Here is the link. https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/documents/atrocity-crimes/Doc.33_GC-IV-EN.pdf

If you look at 11.3 in the DOD manual you see they talk about GC. Trump does everything by the book. You may not like it but in order for us to get to the finish line we must play be the rules set down for us. If we break GC code we risk the globalists getting involved using NATO, remember we are also at war with the globalists and they would not hesitate getting involved if given a reason.

The DOD Law of War Manual (11.3) explains that GC code applies to both the belligerent occupier and the occupied territory(USA). After one year the GC obligation expires for the occupied territory. Remember China and Biden took control on 1/20/2021. One year will be 1/20/2022. After that date our military has the legal authority to take our country back, this is when 11.3 goes in to effect.

Read these Q drops very carefully.




In Q drop 15, you see "11.6 - Huma indicted"

11.6 in the DOD Law of War talks about "protected persons"

We have been told to follow Huma. Read these drops.




When Huma's husband (Anthony Weiner) was arrested for sexting a minor there were some laptops that were confiscated and one of them had a file called "Life Insurance" folder. Huma was Hillary's assistant. Huma knew the things the Clintons were doing was inhumane and she attempted to shield herself from prosecution by collecting a treasure trove of evidence. Huma kept all the incriminating evidence on the Clintons in the event the Clintons were arrested, she could turns states evidence against them and get leniency. This is why Huma is listed as a (11.6) protected person. She will be sitting in a future military tribunal testifying against Hillary and we all will get to watch.

Q says we have everything and they do, Huma gave it to them. The arrests start on 11.3 (1/20/2022) with the most vile creature on the planet, John Podesta.

I think it is at this point we will see the 10 days of darnkess, it is at this stage we will see suicide weekend, it is at this stage we will see the emergency broadcast system go in to effect. In the meantime, things are going to heat up. In the meantime we could possibly see more forensic audits, Ghislaine Maxwell's coconspirators, declass from Durham, but the main clean up of bad actors here domestically begins after January 20th.

I think the Q dissemination platform was designed to keep patriots calm. Q knows we are heavily armed and we could force our government officials out of office at a moments notice. What we could not accomplish though is the takedown of China and the globalists. We could effect change here domestically but we could never take down the real bad guys. Q had a plan and if we engaged we could have compromised the plan. So they gave us the clues we needed to see things are being dealt with. You can see on the world stage that the Q plan is working. China will soon fall. They are rattling their swords against Taiwan, this is a last ditch attempt to seem like a force to be reckoned with, they are not.

The globalists are also trying to push forward their Great Reset agenda using the pandemic. This will fail also, the people are pushing back. In six months from now the world will be a different place. Evil will be dead. Globalist organizations will crumble. One by one they will be exposed for crimes against humanity and the leaders will be executed. Just hang in there, get by the best you can. I know this shit sucks but its better than a kinetic war, we will get through this.

Stay safe and healthy my patriot frens!!

May God be by your side.


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Interesting take... i like it!