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My wife was feeling dizzy and fainted so we went to the ER. We get there and check in and as soon as my wife was done being questioned by the nurse they asked me if I was vaccinated. Once I told them I’m not (nor is my wife) they told me I wasn’t allowed to be there. Since my wife’s blood pressure was really low and she was nervous as it is, I kept calm reassured my wife that I’d be right outside and went to my car right out front where I am now.

I nearly fucking exploded on everyone in there… So much anger and hate is boiling up in me. This COVID fraud has done and is doing so much fucking damage to people. I’ve already lost one of my best friends to the vaccine (J&J heart attack, he was only 28).

Please pray for my family frens

**Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers, this community really is the best <3

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Yeah, it depends on the length of the fever or how high it is. Like once, I had bacterial pneumonia and it hit hard and fast. I went from feeling poorly to a 105.7 fever in less than a day and my mom had to call for an ambulance Bc there was too much snow.

My youngest had a 104.7 the last high fever he had. That’s the one where everyone freaked out I didn’t take him to the ER. It spiked up pretty fast, he wasn’t having febrile seizures or anything like that. No other symptoms at all at that point actually. I gave him some meds and used cool wet rags on him and got it down 3 degrees in less than an hour, then it kept going down. I did have to take them both to the dr like a week later Bc they were still running fevers. They had an “unspecified respiratory virus that we’ve seen going around”. Jan 2020.

But I’ve also been in the ER, waiting to be seen, only to watch as they take a kid to triage, give them tylonal, and then have them wait to see if it comes down in the waiting room. If it does they recommend them to go to the pediatricians office the next day. You hear the moms bitching about it in the waiting room.