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I work at Mayo Clinic Jax. First off the weather was great the day of the flight cancellations. Jack asses.
Second. Mayo had opted to let us decline the jab just like we can with flu shot. Watch some stupid videos with some hack of a doctor lying his ass off about how safe it is. Then sign the declination. I was so happy about that! I thought maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t pull the trigger on the fake mandate. So today I get the email. Fucking crazy. They say in prep for the mandate and they even acknowledge there really isn’t one, that they are now going ahead with their evil plan. I have until Dec 3 to vax or go on unpaid leave. If no vax by Jan 3 I’m fired. I worked everyday through the fake ass pandemic with short staff and overloaded schedules. I have a son who’s a Junior in HS and I’m already scared of how to pay for his college. I lose my chinsey retirement and pension. I was military, but do not have a degree. This is all I really know and it pays well enough for my education. I stand to lose everything and I really don’t have shit to begin with. This is so fucked up! I’m angry and very confused. I do not want the jab. I’m even more pissed that it’s being forced! Can someone please stop this nightmare!