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Bro you're my GAW best friend.

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It's funny, but it's sad. We got each other, man. Let's take this back.

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Download podbean and he has his own podcast.

My new favorite is red pill news.

But from when I had my first job at 15 at a cheese factory and hearing savage railing on illegal immigration half my life ago..

Here is old school


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Very true. There is this car that rolls around in my area which is a blue blue blue area, among the bluest in the country.

This dude rolls around with a custom paint job with bald eagles and American flags. I always give him a thumbs up from my motorcycle when I see him.

Today it was parked at a Walmart parking lot and I scrawled a message in red pen on a brown paper bag.

I wrote:





and left it on his windshield. He probably thought, "ugh another fucking passive aggressive note" at first

But it was a passive based note.

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We had people mow their fields to say "TRUMP" and people painting massive American flags on their rooftops, have massive car and boat parades, show up by the tens of thousands just to be part of the AMERICA team :D

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I'll make clothes, you grow food, and let's trade. Get a few more people in who make tools and other things...now get some more, and we got a nice little thing going ;)

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Michael savage has a great book on mass psychosis

Something like "Stop Mass hysteria: from the Salem witch trials to the Trump witch hunt"

Great read. I grew up on Savage.

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This is all from one event lmao, not even a compilation over the years.


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That's a grin I imagine the spiritual force of kek to have, that manifests as the pepe grin in corporal form.

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Lmfao wouldn't be the first time a president gets banned!

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Yeah it was "an accident" despite props having ridiculous regulations.

Then someone uncovered that the person killed was a Russian spy or some shit idfk it's absurd.

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Remdesevir studies have shown close to 40% death in Africa. The French did a study with 5 patients for 14 days, 1 or 2 died, 2 needed kidney transplant..

Get them off remdesivir.

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In my case I bought 50 at a bit over 12 and didn't look until lunch time. Then every time I looked it just kept soaring. Then after hours.

I suspect the FOMO crowd that reads about it tonight will join tomorrow to raise it higher.

There aren't many shares available to begin with, so the price should squeeze up, then possibly sell off for a little but I'm happy holding for months.

Every event or product rollout that brings attention to it should string it up, and with so much planned for Trump's platform as well as the fall from grace of other forms of social media running parallel, I think this is a good investment for even long term strategy.

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You have a structured settlement and you need cash now....

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He did not say it closed at this and the screenshot clearly says as of 3:37 when markets close at 4:30 EDT

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