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They wanted to let him know that the moderna shots they recommended early on (organ transplant patients got early access) were no longer recommended. We were having lunch at our house and he just got the call

Now he is unjabbed and very healthy so there is no problem for him.

Here is the conversation:

Nurse: "Hi Joseph, just calling in today because we wanted to let you know that we're no longer recommending Moderna to our patients...."

Joseph: "Oh ok no problem"

Nurse: "So we're just logging in how many our of patients did in fact receive the Moderna shot.."

Jospeh: "I am not vaccinated"

Nurse: "Oh, ok. May I ask why you chose not to?"

Joseph: "Partly because I knew this type of call was coming"

Nurse: "(laughs) Yes I can certainly understand your concern but it's been shown that vulnerable people are more likely to contract and get serious complications from covid 19"

Joseph: "I'm perfectly healthy and I won't be taking any vaccines"

Nurse: "It's recommended by all your doctors"

Joseph: "The same doctors who recommended I get Moderna shots early on who have now asked YOU to call ME to tell me that I shouldn't? What if I had? Then I would be sitting here panicking wondering. Right?"

Nurse: "Well I understand how you feel"

Joseph: "No. I don't think you do"

hung up.

This is how stupid the American medical industry has become.

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That might be the dumbest thing I read all week. Good on your brother for letting her know what an idiot she is.